When do I stop feeling guilty and sad and

I throw this out, because I am not sure what else to do.
My son was diagnosed ~ 6 weeks ago, August 26, 2012. And I think he is doing better than I am at this point.
About 3 weeks before being diagnosed, he is 16, we noticed on a vacation that he was drinking more and thus going to the bathroom more. But, we were headed to a water park and we knew he was nervous, so we attributed it to that. And it did seem to calm, if not go away after this trip. But diabetes crossed my mind, but never got any farther.
Then, on vacation with his dad, same thing. Only this time, his blood glucose was checked by his aunt, who is a type 2, and my son was 485. To the ER we went. Seen by the Endo 2 days later and now, at 4 injections minimum daily.
I struggle with guilt, for not doing something sooner, though I know it wouldn't have changed the outcome.
I struggle with sadness because as a Mom, I can't fix this, and I should be able to.

I know I need to move on, teach him to manage this independently, but it is so hard to do.......

I wouldn't worry about it. It's water, or pee, under the bridge. Keep your eyes and his on the future. A bad number is a good project to work on to fix, not fire and brimstone. It's always hard to do but there's a lot of places to find success too!

Acceptance is the hardest thing to do initially...but it always has to start from there to move on...
Dont be hard on yourself. It is not anybody's fault that your son has diabetes. No one to blame. Why's are no longer important bur the how and the what to do. It is not the end but a beginning of a challenge that you and your son can overcome. Indeed you cannot fix it. Nobody can. But you can help and support your son live a happy, healthy, productive life. Hugs... you're just being a MOM :)

Being diagnosed is a life changing event. By any logical assessment, you really cannot blame yourself. You didn't cause the diabetes and you sought treatment before your son went into Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA). Many people here only found their diabetes when the were wheeled into the ER in DKA.

Soon, you will look back and you won't feel guilty. Neither I nor any of our members will resolve you of guilt. But soon you will realize it just isn't your fault.

While I am truly sorry about your son being diagnosed with D, he is by no means alone. And he is actually fortunate, today, those of us with diabetes have every promise of leading a normal, healthy and long life. We have kids, we jump out of planes and we basically do what everyone else does. We just have to do some more things to keep ourselves healthy.

Don't feel guilty, I'm pretty sure I was diabetic for a year before I was diagnosed. That was about 10 years ago I have zero complications so far.