When do you think the Artificial Pancreas will be on the market?

I know for a fact this is really big for (us) diabetics. While there are also many other amazing things going on at the same time, I wanted to get this question posted cause if your like me I check up on the progress being made on this amazing device almost all the (freakin) time. I know some people think that smart insulin or etc. should be something to focus on right now but if you’ve checked around the AP is probably the biggest thing right now in the labs, hospitals, and news. So to boost our hopes and moods how long do you guys truly think it will take for us to get one of these AP’s?



It seems like all the technology is already available. Maybe some type of better software and the long process of waiting for approval. It’s hard to say “when”. I just joined the group “artificial pancreas”. Great question Jimbo!

In the year 2525.

The answer will always be “in the next 5 to 10 years”.

Hard to say from where I am sitting …in the mean time my aim is to keep focused on my BG numbers and do what it takes , to live one day at the time to the BEST of my capabilities ( living with " it " for almost 30 years !!)
All the best to you too !!

Is it on the black market?

Domo! with the sense of HUMOR …that’s worth a few years !

If it were…it might be tremendously expensive though… Not to mention the looooooooong waiting list!

WOW Don’t you guys have any hope?

Things like omnipod and CGM seemed out of reach years ago. Now they're a reality. Gosh, don't act so defeated when it comes to new technology.

I was thinking the same thing about the price Teena, but it seems they are working on making it reasonably affordable… Look around the web they have a lot to say about the possible price.


Mikey I have to agree with u on this, its really is happening. No clue when but I’ve heard so many people come back from those trials very pleased - doctors are def. doing something right.

Black Market! OH MAN IMAGINE ALL THOSE FRESH PANCREAS… oh great this one I just bought is defective too… damn you BLACK MARKET!!

Man forget the AP, by 2525 I’d better be a robot… I mean terminator status lol

I’m one of those who’d rather have smart insulin than a device. From what I read about smart insulin, it would hopefully work like a pancreas & no mechanical/software issues to deal with. Tons of money (& media attention) has been poured into the AP. JDRF, Dexcom, & Johnson & Johnson are heavy hitters who are able to generate a lot of excitement about their joint project.

Considering that CGMS technology has a way to go, my guess is that an AP is 10-15 years away.

isnt that the FDAs answer for everything? =^P

I agree

I am sorry but I do not believe in the current AP project: the sensors are not reliable enough and the BG change in interstitial fluid is just too late for good counter regulation. I can not imagine any manufacturer to automate the insulin delivery based on the current sensors - especially with the legal practice in the US. Just the fact that a full functional AP has to deliver insulin, amylin and glucagon shows how bold this approach really is - and how expensive. As a conclusion I am planning my life without this technological solution. I am sorry if this is disappointing for some of you but there was no reason to believe that the project will have a real life use. Quite frankly it is like Mercedes Benz developing a car and its control systems for the purpose of flying. They could develop that thing and all the algorithms in a short period of time and when it is ready they just have to wait for the “antigravitational” unit to be available, LOL. Reliable sensors for the BG are comparable to the “antigrav” unit - both do not exist today. Why are they starting the AP project without solving the sensor problem first? I do not know. Maybe this just a case of happy engineering to have the algorithms ready for the day X. Maybe the project can demonstrate that the whole AP approach will work with better sensors. This way it could ignite more interest in solving the sensor problem (to end my remark with a positive outlook).

And: I have problems to believe that SmartInsulin will be available within the next 10 years. How can they prove the safety of the product? How to make sure that there is no combination of drugs, food, bacteria, viruses and so forth that could potentially trigger a spontaneous release of the SmartInsulin deposits? It will take much time to really be sure about these potential interactions.

Alan–thanks for the smiles!

Check out this video, Jim:

Thanks for sharing that video Manny. Henry from Animas said 4 years. Wow that would be nice!
Great job interviewing!