When eating fatty foods

I am going to eat a hamburger tonight with no bun a big juicy one and when I do I am always high later in the evining should I take a couple more units for the extra fat do yall do any extra insulin with very fatty foods ? I am on shots not pump I am eating a salad that has 2 carbs my SF ice cream that has 8 carbs so normally I would do just 2 units for the salad and ice cream if I were having a chicken breast with it
Any ideas ?

Hi Tyler,

I would recomend you view and join the Total Available Glucose (TAG) group. There is a wealth of information at this group dealing specifically with protein and/or fat ingestion. The basic premise is that in clinical studies it was found that 59% of protein you eat can be converted into glucose and 10% of fat can be. Protein is converted slower than carbs (maybe 2-3 hours) and fat is much slower (4+ hours). This helps explain why pizza (high fat, protein and carb meal) is difficult for many diabetics. Many group members have played with ratios and boluses/shots for different meals. You many find this information invalauble.

Many of the members are pumping, but there are also quite a a few members that are shooting. Some have devised elaborate plans to take a shot 2 hours after a meal or multiple shots after a meal to combat the late BG rise.


Thanks Capin