When i don't know what to do


The previous link to my blog didn't work. Everything is well again. Enjoy. I hope you are blessed.

I can imagine how hard it is to have a child with diabetes. I would just like to give a little technical suggestion if you allow me.

I know a lot of people here change their sets before going to bed. I was advised not to do this and I can perfectly understand why. Then you can be aware of any difficulty before the long night. What do you think?

Sending you my peaceful thoughts

I think you are correct and I agree. What happens is that sometimes with my son it comes out and then I don't have a choice. There have been times it has come out while he is sleeping and I have to let him sleep until morning. You already know this means his sugar will be high. So, If I have syringes, I'll monitor him as I can through the night hoping his morning is good. But, thank you. I never really thought of the time and maybe that could make all the difference. Thank you and be blessed.