When I was diagnosed

I was in a car accident in late Jan of 2007, my car was totaled, luckily I was okay though. Since the accident, I wasn’t able to sleep very well, my eyesight was progressively getting worse, and I was drinking water nonstop and peeing nonstop. I immediatley went online,typed in my symptons, and need less to say diabetes was the first thing that popped up. It was getting to the point where I couldn’t even drive anymore, so I decided to go to a quick care, and it was there that I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, my fasting BG at the time was 385. After that I made an appt with my family Dr. and I was initially placed on metformin and to follow several other combination of meds including(actos,prandin,byetta,januvia) those are the ones I can remember. I was still having high numbers all the time, after 6 mnths of changing my diet, and trying to exercise I was still feeling AWFUL. My doctor refused to send me to an endocronologist until one day I went into her office and had a mere breakdown in front of her. Once I was able to get a referral to my endo,it was there that my bloodwork came up inconclusive. All I remember him saying is that I still made a little amount of insulin, but eventually I would stop making insulin altogether. My doctor never used the term Diabetes 1.5 LADA, but I’m assuming thats what I have. All this took place in Nov 07, around this time is when I started taking insulin, I was using lantus and novolog, I immediatley started gaining weight and went back to my poor eating habits. Come June of 08 my Dr. suggested I consider an insulin pump, my insurance only covered one type of pump at that time so the descision was easy to make. I’ve been using the Animas 2020 pump for little under a year now, I definatley was poorly trained on the pump intially, I remember being in the training class and thinking to myself “how in the hell am I going to be able to remember all of this in an hour”.But eventually I was able to get retrained and I’m more comfortable with the pump now. I also work at a really fast paced high stress job, and I’m also full time student trying to get my BA in marketing. I refuse to sacrifice my school or work, and it seems like I put my health in last place. My last A1C was a 10.2, and honestly I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I’m constantly changing my basal and bolus rates and it seems no matter what my BG’s are always high. Everytime I go to see my endo, he really makes it seem asif I don’t know how to count carbs or asif I’m delibratley not taking care of myself and thats not the case what so ever. I don’t know if its the fact that I’m constantly stressed out thats making me sick but, I feel like 90% of the day I feel like crap, but I put on a smile and try not to let anyone see that I don’t feel well. I try to be grateful, that I have insurance, and I know having Diabetes isn’t the end of the world, but there are some days I get so frustrated I just wanna crawl in my bed and never leave home.
If anyone reads this I appreciate the fact that you took the time out of your day to let me vent…

hey! I hate to sacrifice life and school to, but right now i’m taking a break from school because of money issues(owe money to hospitals, kind a getting tired of oweing money, plus i don’t know how i could take care of myself if i did go to school and didn’t have a good job). They never say it but sometimes you do have to take a step back and not push yourself to hard till you figure out your limits. I’m still doing that right now! Trying to find the perfect job, etc. Stress will make your sugars high, you just have to find a balance. Yes it sucks because they say that diabetics can do anything. But we can’t do whatever we want if we don’t have the control we have( for example, you still feel like crap even though you take your medicine). It’s all about putting our needs first so that we can get better enough to do whatever we want. Geez this is such a long learning process! Good luck. Hit me back

It’s a terrible irony that stress causes my bg to rise, and a high bg level stresses me out. Hell, when do I ever get out of that loop? Sounds like you are trapped there, too. Don’t let your doc make you feel guilty. Keep working on the basal and carb ratios. It will get bettter.

I worked in a very stressfull job and I had very high numbers, plus it killed the routine I tried to keep. I know how hard school can be and the level of stress. Try to get some stress relieving activites and take it easy. It took me a while to adjust and realize that I could not get everything done in one day but I still try sometimes to get everything done in one day. Good luck in whatever you try to achieve