When should i change his site

i am new to pumping, well, my son is
and anyways
i changed his site friday before dinner
should i change it sometime today or tomorrow morning
do you keep it on for three full days
so sat,sun,mon change tuesday
or do i count fri,sat,sun change today
i don’t want to change it more often then i have to


We change my sons site every 24-36 hours, any longer than that and his site bleeds a little when you take it out, it does not hurt but is upsetting for both of us. :slight_smile: We try to avoid that. :slight_smile: It gets easier. I honestly thing I dread the site change more that my son.

Our doctor recommends every other day, due to scar tissue. Our son also only uses his upper butt area so we are limited and the more scar tissue, the less area we have to work with. he tells me it really doesn’t hurt that much, but he does give me a hard time because it is “another chore” of sorts to do. so I do let him go the extra day on occassion. We do try to make it more enjoiyable with a little pre-message of the area I will use. Try not to change it right before bedtime or an activity like sports. It’s important to let him know you are in this together, yet not make a big deal out of it. Sort of like brushing teeth at our house, takes a little nagging, but it has to be done and my son knows it.

We change my son’s site every “3” days. So if it was changed on Friday we would skip Sat, Sun and change Monday. Our rule is to skip two full days and then change anytime the third day. We try to change it before we bolus for supper, and not too close to bedtime in case there is a problem with the set.

the pump itself doesn’t tell you??? My son’s does. It is the omnipod and it tell us the day and time even that it should be changed… they say you have an 8 hr window that it can stay on after that…if there is enough insulin… but after that…it will beep and shut down…

Nope, sorry that should be every 48-60 hours :slight_smile: Sorry I am sleep deprived. That would get expensive.

I would Change it Monday dinner…three days…if you fill the pump a little more you might be able to do Tues. A.m. But not worth it…the insulin starts getting warm from body temperature and possibly becomes ineffective. Then you will notice him getting high for no apparent reason… best to stick with 3 days, but usually not a problem really if you waited til morning if that works better for your schedule.

I like to change at shower/bath time because the sticky pad gets soggy and can fall off. There’s my 2 cents!

Great point!

no more than 3 days - the insulin starts breaking down.
do not try to overfill to try to make it last 4 days - you will start getting high readings.
also, if you get a high reading and can’t get it to come down with an extra bolus or two, you need to change the site.
Its a good idea to have the doctor write the script to change it every 2 days - so that you can get extra supplies for when you need them. You should never have to not change the site because you’re low on supplies.

I change it for Rory usually every 2-3 days. If his numbers are doing well I make it the 3, if his numbers are off and based on what we may have going on maybe 2 days. I try to make sure it is a new site if we are having my parents watch the kids. We have our supplies ordered for changes every 3 days and we get a 3 month supply at a time. It all usually lasts well. If we are running low and we aren’t due for a shipment for a while I just call and they send it within a couple days.

thanks for all the advice … i really appreciate reading everyones responses … good to hear from people that understand. last time i changed it out of no where he started crying and said he was scared. which was the first time he did that. i tried to comfort him but at the same time not make it a big deal. like you said, like brushing teeth you know. its a balance act eh…

again thank you