Newbie at pumping

I'm new to pumping and this past friday was the first day of being connected to my pump. My nurse, who did the training, told me to change the site out every three days. I'm confused at to which is day three. Is the third day today or is it tomorrow??

Day one - Friday
Day two - Saturday
Day three - Sunday

Change it on Monday.

Change around the 72nd hour. There’s nothing magic about the exact time to change your infusion site. Going beyond three days increases the chances of site tissue losing its ability to consistently absorb insulin well. It also increases the possibility to build up scar tissue. Scar tissue can resist absorbing insulin even weeks later.

Good luck with pumping. It’s a great tool to manage BGs.


but like Terry said, nothing is going to alarm if you fudge a bit, but you really need to watch out for the scar tissue over time. it's really important to rotate your sites, and not go within a square inch of a previous site in a 30 day period.

I keep a calendar in my bathroom and when I change out, I write either "CC" (cartridge change) or "C" (just infusion set cannula change) so I can quickly see when I last did it.

good luck and welcome to the club!