When to take Symlin... technically speaking

Okay so I’ve been on Symlin for three days now… But my question now is when to take it and when not to? For instance, today I ate my lunch but my lunch was spread out over a few hours so basically eating when I could while I was on phone conferences… I took the symlin and insulin for the first half of lunch should I have taken it again when I bolused for the rest of it??? My endo said only if it’s over 120g should I use the symlin… If that’s the case then should I bolus for entire amount or half as prescribed when I am using symlin???

That’s a good question. I’m going to ask my doc more about it next week. They told me ANYTIME I’m going to eat 30 carbs and at least 250 calories. I like to eat 3-4 smaller meals a day. For example, my breakfast is 20 carbs and I take symlin, lunch is yogurt and fiber bar with symlin, dinner varies and sometimes I use it with a bedtime snack if it’s 30 carbs.

Thanks for the info!

i was curious about when to take symlin in terms of pre-meal numbers. i find that if i am in the 200’s and i take symlin before a meal it only stabilizes that number rather than fixing it. 240 and i take my symlin, and my correction, and eat a carbless meal, i may remain 240 even a few hours after eating. anybody else find this?

Hmmm, no I haven’t experienced this, sorry I don’t have any tips for you, Andrea. That’s frustrating. Does this happen often? When I’m pms-ing my symlin is pretty much powerless, and I need a lot of insulin. Would this have anything to do with it?

Hi Andrea,

I have the same problem too. My numbers start to stabilize after 3-4 hours. It’s very frustrating:) Are you cutting back on your bolus when you take your symlin? I’ve heard that some people have to reduce their dose by 20-50%.

I haven’t noticed that, but I have noticed that it keeps my sugar stabilized for a while then shoots up and I have to do a BG correction… But it could be that I am still ramping up my dosage… I’m at 45 now, but the pens are only for 60, I’m not sure if he’s going to want me on a higher dosage later on or not. Overall, I have noticed a difference using Symlin for lower bgs, so not sure why you would be hovering at 240… Maybe check with your endo?

Andrea, Sorry I'm just now responding, I haven't been on in a while... But I feel your pain... Although, for me, if I am high, it tends to drop my bg and stabilizes the bg if I am on the low side... Yes, I learned that one the hard way... It was not fun treating a low for 1 1/2 hours... so now I do not use Symlin if I am below 90... but if I am beween 90 and 100 I usually won't "shoot up"...

And now, I realize, that I did reply already… DUH! LOL… Sorry…

Are you on a pump or MDI? Either way, I tend to be pretty picky about staying in a tight range (as close to normal as I can get). When I have a high excursion I will sometimes shoot an injection into the muscle of the shoulder. If you are using a fast acting insulin and shoot into the muscle there it will speed up the action of the insulin by 10-15. Have you calibrated your carb/insulin/bg ratio lately? I know that in the morning one unit drops me 20 mg/dl, after about 9 AM (after dawn phenomenon is over) I get about 40mg/dl per unit of insulin. I wonder if your ratios are different then what you think. I know a lot of diabetics don't count protein and fats (only carbs) and so their carb ratio presumes a certain amount of proteins and fats (which also end up raising blood sugar to one degree or another--see the TAGGERS United group).