Where do I go from here? How many cracks are there to fall through? Will this somehow stabilize anytime soon?UGHHHHHH

It is amazing the change in a few words can have on you. Tho, I have been diabetic for over 33 years, Type 2 was just fine. I have worked hard to keep my sugars in check. To have the doc explain to me what LADA was and what the change in diagnosis was going to mean to my life as I knew it produced a profound reaction. I had it in the back of my mind, I will exercise more, eat less, reduce the carbs even more.... the bargaining for health, but insulin would be a thing of the past. Insulin was going to be a brief acquaintence....oh yeah!!

Hours later in the privacy of my home the thunder storm began to brew...the winds came up and stung my eyes...the rain commenced to fall. I was angry, hurt, and felt as tho, somehow I had failed my body. Intellectually, I know that is not so, but emotionally, well that is another story. To frost the cake it was also discovered my less than attentive PCP had overlooked a lab test that was taken while I was in the hospital in October. Seem the cardiologist did a TSH... came back at a 8.229 and the listed normal range is 0.3-4.0 according to the lab. How did this get overlooked, and filed away.............now to find an Endo in my area with less than a 6 month waiting list, that accepts medicare.................uhmmmm....the proverbial needle in a hay stack...better yet, finding a new PCP that actually likes her patients.............because I am beginning to feel like this one has figured out how to eliminate senior citizens....this is not the first overlooked item... like the 34 blood sugar... and no response in 3 days...when I went to see her (previously scheduled appt) her reply, "well obviously you knew what to do, you are here!" I wrote that off to a bad hair day........I called about the overlooked lab, I have yet to hear from her. The diabetes educator I met with today did however tell me that I should see someone right away as that test was taken in Oct., and if it is getting higher I could be entering a critical zone...what ever that is.... I feel like I fell thru the cracks... and somebody boarded up the hole I fell into...

Two insulins, a diabetologist wanting to add a 3rd, already 5 shots daily, crash course in "corrections' and bolusing....financially my doughnut hole approacheth........because my blood sugars are all over the place my fingers have been replaced with pin cushions.... was to be testing 8-10 times daily.... now much more. I am dropping sometime 60 points in 20 minutes, or gee, I missed my snack... the blood sugars are going up up up. Another anomoly, I can feel the changes of sugars going up or down, call it my elevator ride to h#$%. I eat without taking insulin and they go down. The diabetologist and the diabetes educator have not heard of that .... my meter shows I am telling the truth.''

How much is the now malfunctioning thyroid reeking havoc with the blood sugars....why is the thyroid going nuts..... I have nodule biopsies Valentine's Day 2007 which resulted benign.... is it still??? is that what is wrong....

This is turning out to be a poo poo day.

With all the “PooPoo” days you and I are in, there is never an ending to the story. Or is there? The holes are where they are. I’m on 3 insulins myself, 8 shots per day and my numbers go up and down the roller coaster constantly. But life goes on.

I have always prided myself taking a very positive view of issues. My outlook has been, hey I am blessed could have been cancer, Lou Gehrigs, MS, at least I have a disease I have a degree of control over. I won’t lie this dx rocked my world. It is a momentary setback. As far as the roller coaster blood sugars… it is a free ride, used to have to buy tickets to get a thrill like this, now I just buy insulin. I had to let my feelings out. My hubby is supportive but doesn’t really understand why I am so bothered with this. I figured this was a safe place to let down/

Sorry for the poo poo day. Hoping things turn around for you soon. Take care.

Are you serious. You are my hero. There are some that believe that even though you might be a type 1 (and I consider LADA to be type 1), if you take care of yourself, your honeymoon can go on forever. I would say that 33 years is pretty much forever. It will be ok, you will still be able to take care of yourself and things will be ok. You may think you had a poo poo day, but in my eyes, you just got recognized as a hero.

what is this “honeymoon” I see people mention. This is not a term I am familiar with. I am relatively new to insulin, there is so much to learn. I was proud the other day, I learned what a “correction dose” and a “bolus dose” is. My carb counting is taking on a whole new meaning. I really thought I knew about Type 2…but this Type 1 stuff is tough. IT is like you don’t want diabeted to be the focus of your life but there it is all day long. If I miss my snack my blood sugar is going up, I then eat something and it goes down, all without adding more insulin…my liver seems to release glucose if I don’t eat at least every 4 hours…the diabetologis said he did not know what that was… so I pose the question here. I have a new admiration for Type 1’s, hats off to you, it is like you need an engineering degree to manage blood sugars, insulin doses, and I am sure lots of other stuff you never talk about much cuz it is old hat… wow you have your hands full, I am finding out first hand. I did get some relief on my insulin costs. I am service connected disabled vet…service connection includes diabetes… it will cover my insulin. Get set up with a primary care for the end of the month… I am blessed. I had fogotter I had that benefit… was talking with a friend who reminded me to contact VA. Nice night to you all. Open to suggestion on how not to be totally focused on counting carbs, calculating doses… I am serious, how do you not live in the shadow of this. It is a full time job … I know with time I will figure out the insulin thing…my life just entered a new vocabulary avnue… honey moon, bolusing, correction dose, lows, highs, brittle, and I am sure a whole dictionary more…still trying to figure out how to get enought skin pulled up on my thigh to give a shot… it just don’t pinch up…and it looks like it is gonna hurt. Do like those pen needles… they just don’t hurt like the syringes… how is their 31 guage different from the syringe… it really feels different… anyone else notice this? why are they so expensize… $9 for 50 needles…that is at least 30 a month for needles. If insulin entered the market in 1922 what are there NO GENERIC insulins??? Everything is so expensive that is diabetic related. Meter strips used to come so that you could cut them down the middle and get 2 usable strips…now I am dating myself…why do these low income programs go on full income instead of adjusted income… my medical output each month is just shy of 590…includes part A

I’m waiting for it not to be the focus of my life. Hasn’t happened yet, so good luck.