Where do you test?

After 34 years of the D. I finally decide to try an alternative site…my forearm. I’m not sure whether it’s not meaty enough or whether I’m doing it wrong, but I don’t get a big enogh drop of blood. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I just get frustrated when I test on my arm…I never get enough blood and end up wasting strips. If there is a trick to this…I don’t know it.

Lancing from an alternate site such as the forearm may require a deeper lance. This is due to the lesser number of blood vessels on the surface and the increased thickness of the bodyfat layer on the forearm. The other thing to remember is that a site like a forearm may pick up more interstitial fluid in the drop of blood and rapidly changing blood sugar levels are harder to measure properly (the blood sugar concentrations in interstitial fluid changes slower than in blood).

I know that is not exacltly what you wanted to hear, but crank up that lancet and see if that helps.

This never worked well for me either.

Try with a deeper lancet setting, but I just stick to my finger tips. I test 5-12 times a day and my fingers are still doing OK :slight_smile:

Testing on my forearm only manages to make me look like a junkie…can’t get any blood from THAT site!!