Alternate testing sites?

Hi All,
I’ve decided to explore different sites to stick instead of my
fingers:D Mainly out of curiosity; but maybe others might be interested too. I saw a picture that showed testing on the palm of the hand ( thumb side.) Wow! Remember to set the lancet for a high number instead of the tiniest feeling stick otherwise it aint gonna draw any blood!
So, What sites do you test?

I test on the sides of my third and fourth fingers. at about the level where the fingernail top meets the finger. That’s about all I ever test on. It doesn’t hurt. I also use the Accucheck lancet. The meter it came with was a piece of crud, but I fell in love with the lancet. It’s the one with the barrel that holds a couple different lancets. I change them about once a month.

Testing on the arm is more painful than the fingers and it’s so inaccurate it isn’t worth doing because it lags about 15 minutes behind the fingers for some reason.

I also use the sides of my fingers. It doesn’t hurt for some reasons. My wife, a pharmacist, recommended it.

I’ve also heard about using the back of the fingers, but I’ve never been able to draw blood from that location.

When I first started testing I used my forearm, but I got a lot of ‘bleeders’.


The sides of my fingers don’t hurt either. I tried the backs of the fingers once or twice, OUCH!!!

I get callouses on the sides which occasionally peel off, but even so they don’t hurt. i was just eating lunch with a friend recently and tested and she was astonished that it didn’t hurt. She has to inject meds for another, terrible, chronic disease and she also marveled at how tiny our insulin needles are. Her needles she has to use are huge and her meds leave a 3 inch welt.

Didn’t know how lucky I was until then!

I used the forearm for awhile, but it was harder to control the amount of blood and I think the readings were not accurate.
Dr. Bernstein also suggests using the top (dorsal) side of the finger, but there’s not a lot of meat there and I keep thinking the needle is gonna go into the bone.
After having db for 33 years, I have very hard callouses on my fingers. But, I also play guitar, so it’s six of one and half dozen of the other…