Where i am wrong?

at 7 a.m 200 then i take 4-5 units regular, after that tea

at 9a.m reguar 10 units n- 10 units , at 10 a. m break fast,
it is 250 at 12 p.m

at meal timr regular 10 units, then it is ok , for whole evening , in lower range , have two eat some thing to overcome hypo

Is the “n” at 9:00 Novolog? You took 20 units (Novolog & Regular) for breakfast? What was your BG at 9 AM before eating? Hard to guess what’s going on without knowing the reading before breakfast to explain the 250 two hours after eating,

Do you find that the caffeine in tea raising your BG?

What is your correction ratio with Regular? Everyone is different & 1 unit of Regular lowers me 40 pts.

If "n: isn’t Novolog, you should speak with your doctor about a rapid acting to lower highs quickly because Regular works too slowly.

Many people have different insulin:carb ratios for breakfast, lunch, dinner. You may need to have your ratios adjusted if this pattern is consistent with highs in the morning & lows in the evening.

You might want to consider going onto a basal/bolus program rather than sticking with the old antiquated 2-shot a day R and N plan. You get better control and less risk of hypos.

get a pump :slight_smile:

I was on NPH and Regular insulin for 35 years you will never gain control unless you do what Dave says. :slight_smile:

I switched to Lantus and humalog for 1 year, fairly good control and now have been pumping insulin for 7 years.