Where to donate meters?

I know someone posted this in a thread, but I don’t remember where it was. I have some extra meters to donate and am wondering what the organization’s name and info is.


I think may be red cross can take them!? Am not sure!

If the meter is new and unopened, then it can be donated to ipump.org. If it has been used then, I would try a local homeless shelter as they might be diabetics who come through.

A while ago, I talk about collecting OneTouch meters to distribute in Ukraine where One Touch test strips are available. I might try and do this again this Fall.

Thanks for your ideas.

Unfortunately they are used, lightly used. They were freebies that I got to try out before deciding which one to go with. I did some more searching and found out that the Red Cross will take them or nursing homes. The homeless shelter idea also makes sense.