Where to donate new or used glucometers?

Hey everyone!

I'm a longtime Type 1, but my aunt who was Type 2 recently passed away. I've been helping to sort out her things, and it turns out that she has dozens of glucometers from all different companies. Some are new, some are used...and I've been looking all over to find somewhere to donate them to. I know how expansive it can be to buy a glucometer if your Dr isn't just handing them out, or if you don't have insurance. Any tips? It looks like ipump is still not taking inkind donations...do you think that a local clinic might take them? Or, do any glucometer companies take donations?

Thanks for the help. I know my aunt would have liked to know her things were going to a non-profit. I hope I find one!


Check this recent post by carb101… https://forum.tudiabetes.org/topics/a-place-to-offload-your-old

Thank you thank you thank you. I submitted the form on the website. Hopefully they’ll take the glucometers.

I had this trouble a which ago, I went to the local senior center and drooped whole bunch off. I went back several times to drop off used books and I noticed they were all gone! I was so happy :slight_smile: