Where to put it

Hey guys, I am waiting on my Seven plus to get here probably on wednesday. My biggest concern right now is where am I going to put it? I am a triathlete, mountain biker, runner, weight lifter, overall just incredibly active and sweaty. With that said, I have little body fat, but more then anything, where can i put the dex sensor so that it will stick for the full time? Please let me know I appreciate any suggestions.

You should probably go ahead and use extra adhesive (SkinTac or Mastisol seem to be favorites) and have some medical tape (or tegaderm) ready to help around the edges when it starts to peel. There is sort of a learning curve for all of this. With the extra adhesive, you need to let it dry just a little, so that it becomes tacky, before putting the Dex sensor over it.

As far as locations, I personally like the outside of my upper arm (my tricep - not at all a fatty area, but it still works there for me).

Best of luck to you!

I am a heavy exerciser, two hours a day minimum. I sweat profusely. I use the back of my upper arm and have had great results. The sensor functioned and stayed attached for 21 days. I used the Navigator before the Dex and the sensor stayed attached for only three days.

Hey Spenser - I work out hard and sweat alot too, plus I do kickboxing so my whole body is in motion so I hear you. I have been wearing the sensor on the very top of my thigh towards the back, almost on my glute and had good results. If you’re too lean there though, try the back of your arm like the others suggested, I know the Team Type 1 guys all wear them there.

My abdomen works fine. When I first apply it, I stretch the skin under the adhesive. That gives it some ‘play’ while it’s in use. (Pinch the skin to insert the sensor.) It sticks well for the first seven day use. After that I cover it with some Tegaderm or the shower covers Dexcom used to issue for its older version.

I carry the receiver in my Spibelt.


If I were doing triathlons (umm, not me, NO) then I’d attempt the triceps site first. If that doesn’t work out, I’d attempt love handles second. Loose clothing is required for this location, of course. I think that sites on your frontal abs are unlikely to work, probably incompatible with your weightlifting. But YMMV, and Terry says they work fine for him.

Keep bouncing around until you find a good one. :wink:

Hi everyone. Thank you so much for all of your responses to my question. I got my dexcom on Friday and was amazed at how simple it is to use. I currently have it in my stomach, on the side and it is sticking pretty well as of right now, but I will probably try out the back of my thigh next time. I am soo amazed at the accuracy of this little device, it has alerted me and been within 10 points almost every time i have checked it. Great product, I am glad I gave it a chance just incase anyone is on the ropes.

I do not have a CGMS yet, but the doctor has been talking about one…This may sound silly, but is is it water proof?

The transmitter (the part that you wear) is when it’s inserted. The insertion process creates a watertight seal. I have worn mine in the pool a few times without any problems. (Haven’t tried a hot tub, though.) The receiver is not waterproof, however…

what do you do w/the receiver when you are a pool? Thanx!

What I did was put it in a ziploc bag to help keep it dry but I just left it on a lounge chair with my towels and stuff. Every once in a while I would get out and check my readings, and if I had gone out of range I’d wait a few minutes for the readings to come back in.