Which book to buy


does anyone have a good idea which book to buy im a new type one


Sorry to have you join the club but - two very good books are Gary Scheiner’s “Think Like a Pancreas” and John Walsh’s “Using Insulin” or “Pumping Insulin” if you endo is putting you immediately on a pump.


I like the two nooks recommended by @still_young_at_heart, especially if you’re looking for the technical basics of carb counting, learning about the nature of insulin, and insulin arithmetic. If you’re looking to read more of the pyscho-social and emotional adjustments, I recommend Chuck Eichten’s Book of Better. It’s a short book with lots of pictures written with a sense of humor.

For something genuine, new, and written by T1D Adam Brown, I’d check out Bright Spots and Landmines. Adam allows you to name the price you want to pay and you may download it to your computer as a pdf file. Lots of good ideas here. Highly recommended to read now or later.

I also encourage you to continue to visit this site as a way to learn. Reading will help you to pose better questions.

Sorry you joined the “club” and had to endure the rude news. Things will get better and remember always, knowledge is power. Persistence and a good attitude count for a lot, too. Good luck!


Not sure if you’re in the same boat, but I found out when I was diagnosed T1 that my endocrinologists’ group had all these books and they were happy to loan them.


Here is the good news. The world of diabetes treatment has dramatically changed for the better in the last 5 years and the next several years will bring even greater change as technology is finally making in-roads with things like 24/7 cloud monitoring and support services and several new game changing insulins like Tresiba and afrezza.

The bad news is most of the books will not have these new advancements. Additionally, many endos are not fully up to speed.

In addition to the books mentioned above, Gary Sheiners “Think like a Pancreas” is a good basic book and he has one on carbs “the ultimate guide to accurate carb counting”.

Steve Edelman the founder of TCOYD has “Taking Control of Your Diabetes”. Additionally Steve has a youtube series called The Edelman Report with a new video each week. Here is a link

I would start with - Basal Insulin in Type 1 Diabetes: the Foundation of Good Glycemic Control