Which came first? (T2)

So which came first?

The hormonal imbalances and insulin resistance that cause wacky blood glucose (hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia)?

Or the wacky blood glucose that causes mood swings?

Or the mood swings that drive me to crave more and more carbs (desire to self-medicate when I feel bad) and make me feel unnaturally exhausted?

Or the carb cravings and exhaustion driving me to eat too much and cocoon alone in my apartment too much?

Or the eating too much and cocooning at home too much that causes me to gain weight?

Or the weight-gain causing hormonal imbalances and insulin resistance?


Yikes. Where is a Gordian Knot cutting tool when you need one?

All I know is that as soon as I went through puberty, I went from being a quite slim, super active, well-muscled and generally healthy to child who wasn’t all that interested in eating, to being locked into a life-long fight with chronic depression, reactive hypoglycemia, food cravings, severe PMS, wildly irregular cycles and weight gain – decades before being diagnosed with T2 or Hashimoto’s or PCOS.

I wonder if, in 100 years, humankind will have the medical knowledge and tools to prevent my cluster of bum genes from expressing themselves – if they’ll be able to test for…something, and nip the whole mess in the bud when a girl like me is 12 or 13?

Looking back, can you see a thread of signs, symptoms and conditions that seem to foreshadow your T2 diagnosis, perhaps by decades?

I think there’s a genetic foundation to T2 that was probably lurking there all along, “deus ex machina”

I was dx’d after I went through menopause so I’m not sure if the wacky mood swings and imbalance of hormones were due to diabetes or menopause. I had kept weight on from 6 pregnancies but I had taken almost all off in the years prior to D dx. In fact I thought I was in the best shape of my life. Boy, was I shocked when I got that call saying my fasting was 240. Of course I didn’t know what that even meant. When the nurse said diabetic, I said are you sure. I was a vegan and ate so healthy ( I thought) So I have to go with the genetic gene theory. It is in there and will come out at some point.

Girl, you have your plate full. PCOS – insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes. Depression – more common in diabetics than the general population. Wacky BGs – mood swings. See depression. Hashimoto’s – weight gain. Type 2 diabetes – multiple hormonal abnormalities.

Nature didn’t give you a fair shake!

I hate to say this out loud, but sometimes I’m glad that I didn’t have children, because honestly? The planet doesn’t need any more of my rotten genes.

I have my good points, but…I’m way defective.

Nature can be cruel but evolution is beautiful when you stand back and look at the big picture.

I have about a dozen inherited defects that are just…bad. If you look at my family as a whole? We’re smart (which is probably why we survived this far) but otherwise we have some really crappy genes – and I got most of them.

Of course, growing up in the toxic waste dump that was Baton Rouge in the 50’s and 60’s didn’t help, either. When I was eighteen and moved to Oregon, I had the highest levels of heavy metals in my hair analysis ever measured at the lab in Portland, Oregon – off the charts high. They asked me, “Where in the world are you from?!?” I said Baton Rouge and they all nodded their heads. I think there are more Superfund toxic waste cleanup sites in and around there than anywhere else in the U.S. The largest oil refinery in the western hemisphere used to be in Baton Rouge. They even call the stretch of highway we used to travel on all the time to go see my grandmothers, “Cancer Alley”: Exxon-Mobile, Borden Chemical, Alcoa, Dupont, etc. etc. etc. I remember explosions at the plants and chemical fires on trucks and freght trains happening with regularity when I was a child.

Nice, huh?

Genetic defect. Toxic trigger. BOOM.