Who is Your Diatetes "team"

I was just wondering who had a diabetes “team”. you know, the folks I read about that work with you to help you control your diabetes. Something like an endocrinologist, dietitian, diabetes educator, and others. I have never really had a “team” like this. I guess maybe about ten years ago when I started on the pump, they were pretty great. but that was long ago and in a different state even!

I am currently living in a college town in North Mississippi. The only endo in town doesn’t see type one diabetics, I was seeing a diabetes educator, but she was commuting, and doesn’t do it anymore. The hospital offered a diabetes class that I went to, but it was only an hour one night. There were about 10 in the class, and all were newly diagnosed type 2 patients. I was bored out of my mind!

I am have recently decided to REALLY take care of myself (after 27 years of diabetes), but I know I can’t do it alone. I don’t have a spouse to help, my mom could help, but that feels too much like bing a child at home again getting “that look” when I do something wrong.

Thanks for any input/ideas/comments/suggestions!

Hi Katee,
The closest thing to a Diabetes “team” for me would be tudiabetes.com and google.com. I attended a weeks training in 1976. I haven’t seen a dietitian in probably 15 years ago. I did recently have 2 visits with a CDE when I got on my pump last February, but I probably won’t see her again. I did recently start seeing an Endo (1 1/2 hours away) every 3 - 4 months, but basically the only thing I get out of that is someone to write my prescriptions and order my blood lab work. When it comes down to it, we are our own health providers. We are the ones that must make numerous decisions (eat what? test when? bolus how much?) each and every day.
It’s great that you’ve decided to REALLY take care of yourself. Finding this site is probably the best first step you can take. Not only do we understand each other better than non-Diabetics can understand our situation (so emotional support is here), but there’s a wealth of experience and knowledge ready to be shared.

I don’t have a diabetes team. My general practioner takes care of my diabetes. He does refer me to specialists when needed. I have an ortho, neuro, cardio, eye doc, gyno, podiatrist, and urologist I have been to 4 different endos in a year and half and can’t find one I like. I always end up going back to my regular doctor to handle things. He has done a great job with it, when I first started seeing him hba1c was over 10 and now i am normally running between 6 and 7 in a little over a years time.

Hi Katee! My Endo lives 4 hours away from where I live… So my Diabetic Team is My endo and my family dr… They talk to each other about my diabetes when I have a problem or anything else like tests. My family Dr has a Diabetic Dietician at his office. I see her about once a year for a refresher course… to see if anything hasd changed over the years… They have a support group but I don’t go because it’s more of Type 2’s…

I have a endo, a CDE (who is also my pump trainer), the lady from minimed, my eye doctor, and i get to see i dietitian every 2 years.
My endo , CDE and the lady from minimed are 2 hrs away (on a weekday) on a weekend they are about 30 min.
My eye dr is across the street from my house. and the Dietiaian changes everytime I get to see one.

I see an endo every 2-3 months, and when I go to the diabetes clinic I get attended to by the diabetes nurse. She has really been my saviour. Whenever I have questions or don’t know what to do I call her up and she helps me. These 2 people are the main people I turn to for anything diabetes related. For coughs, and flus, I go to my my family doctor.

You should go to Memphis to see an endo every so often. I had a good one there by the name of Dr. Goodman. When I switch from my orginal endo he gave me a list of about 15 endos in the Memphis area that he recommended so you should be able to find a good one.

Because of where I live now I have over an hour commute to go see my endo but I think it is worth it. It is nice to have someone that is up to date on diabetes care and knows a lot of the problems associated with diabetes.

Like you I really have no “diabetes team” I just have my great Dr here in Jackson whom I have had for 23 years and his nurses but about 3 months ago he got one back that was there when I 1st started with him and I LOVE her! She will go straight to him with anything I need! His other nurses hadn’t been there when I had my kids so they didn’t know what to do for me or how insulin sensitive I am but this lady knows everything about me and that helps alot.

Hi Katee: :slight_smile: For my first 20 yrs. of Diabetes, I had only a country Family Doctor.
For the later 25 yrs., I’ve had(depending when I showed up) my Endo, GP,
Diabetes Nurse, Dietition, Eye Specialist and Ophthalmologist.


By chance when I recently moved to study in the capital of Sweden I ended up neighbour with a hospital specialising in diabetes. I get called for a visit about every third month unless I would want to meet them sooner. Then they have a cross-examination on how I’m doing. Actually these visits are kinda angsty and they complain if my A1C gets higher than 6.

Hi Katee,
Wow, reading the responses here has reminded me how fortunate I am to live where I do. I live about an hour away from the Barbara Davis Center in Denver, when I was diagnosed 14+ years ago my pediatrician sent us there directly, after calling their head doctor (who came in to meet us on a Sunday). They have an amazing team of doctors and nurses there and I have never had anything less than excellent care. Many of the people I deal with there have been touched by type-1 in some way - the receptionist has a daughter with T1, most of the nurses are diabetic, my first endo had a diabetic son, etc. etc. etc. They really understand what it’s like and can offer a lot of support.
I get eye/kidney exams every year, A1C and general checkup with my endo every 3 months, and I have one-stop access to dieticians, counselors, and the like. I have a list of people I can call for prescriptions, questions, etc. and they always have a doc on a 24-hour emergency pager (which has helped me more than a few times). Needless to say, it would be pretty hard to convince me to move far away from this place. Except maybe to Boston, I hear Joslin is pretty wonderful also.
That said, I am really struck by how many people I see on TuDiabetes that have managed to take great care of themselves without the kind of help I’ve had - I’m amazed and inspired by you all, and not sure I could find the energy to handle all of this on my own!

Hey Ken and Katee,

Taking this disease seriously is VERY important. I’ve been diagnosed T2 for 8+ years. Had to have a 3 way bypass at age 40 due to T2. I haven’t been serious enough about this because of “MY” lack of information. This blog and dlife has really helped me tremendously.

Ken, you’re right…we are our “own” provider in many ways. Educate yourself and stay up to date on matters. The internet makes some of the info easily accessable. No excuses not to be somewhat knowledgeble. My GP doc is somewhat limited in his experience with diabetes. This blog and members who have diabetes seem to be a very good way to understand this disease. I also like to refer to webmd.com for general info regarding my meds and diabetes related matters. I always have a list of questions for my doc and suggestions for adjustments…the numbers don’t lie…test, test, and record your intake…make adjustments as needed…and get that A1C test every month?

I am currently seeking a endo doc and support in lengthening my life. Encouragement from you guys makes it easier to cope and understand.

Thank you,