Hi all,

I was wondering how many of you all see an endocrinologist for your diabetes? I have been going to a family practicioner for years.Although he is very thorough and we work well together,I'm starting to think he doesn't have enough creditials and maybe that's why I am having so much trouble with Anthem regarding my omnipod...any thoughts on this??any input would be much appreciated..


I’ve been with various endo’s for over 40 years. I’ve retired a lot of them. Haha!!! Never had problems with scrips for any of my devices. I also have Anthem BCBS.

I’ve seen an endo for the last 15 years. I do think they have more knowledge about the products we use and therefore are better to help you work the insurance company for what you need.

My PCP offered to manage my diabetes but I declined after one visit with my endocrinologist. He heads the diabetes center in a major hospital in NJ and his entire staff is dedicated to educating their patients. They’ve spent hours teaching me and I can call them 24/7 with any problems. There are also meetings once a month in the hospital with various speakers on diet, exercise and many other topics. I feel really lucky to have found my endo.

My PCP refuses to have anything to do with my diabetes. Her attitude is that she’s not an expert on it so I’ll get better care at my Endo’s office. With that said, the Endo that I started with moved away so I actually only see the nurse that worked with her. The nurse is diabetic herself though and there is an Endo that heads the practice, I’ve just never met her. I think that it really is essential to have someone who knows what they’re talking about handle the diabetes stuff, especially if you’re using any of the newer technology.

I’ve seen an Endocrinologist for the past 3 years and don’t regret a minute of my time spent in his office. He is much more knowledgeable than my former PCP and if I have a diabetes related question I call his office and leave a message with his receptionist. By the end of the business day he calls me back himself…which I think is rare these days. I’ve always gone to a family doctor, but now that I have diabetes to manage I prefer the Endo because I know I will get good information from him.

My suggestion is that you go to endocrinologist. I can’t imagine relying on a family practitioner for my diabetic health.

Hi Patti,

Yes indeed go to an endo. I’ve been diabetic for 10 years and didn’t go to an endo until just last year. What a mistake! My PCP was/is also diabetic and everything she told me went along with my own research. However, she didn’t have the time to research new medicines and methods. She hadn’t even heard of the Omnipod when I asked her about it. I’ve been on the Pod since May '09 and would never go back to MDI. I haven’t had a scary low since I’ve been on the pod.

Thanks everyone for your input…I really appreciate it

I have had diabetes for about 12 years and have been seeing family practice doctors all that time. My doctor recommended that I go on an insulin pump. I have been taking shots for about two years and still not managing well. I did some research and decided I liked the OmniPod. Anyway I have my first appointment with an endocrinologist next Tuesday. I am hoping I will be able to be approved for the OmniPod.

I have gone to an endo for the last 3 years. He got me on the pump. Prior to seeing him, I was treated by a PCP for 7 years. In hindsight, she did not seem as knowledgeable and may have mis-diagnosed me as type 2. I doubt I will never know for certain, but I was probably a type 1.5; a type 1 that initially presents as a type 2. I also see a CDE and a nutritionist at a local hospital. I find them invaluable because they can give me more individual attention. The CDE did my “Intro to Pump” training which convinced me to go with a pump. She does a very unbiased presentation, and I was able to make my own decision of which pump to select.

I would recommend an endo to anyone who asks me. Based on my experience, an endo is more knowledgeable.