I just took my 3rd dose of Symlin about 2 hours ago and my blood sugar shot up to 204 and I absolutely went bat-doo-doo angry about nothing and I am sitting here feeling really angry and frustrated. My BS was 144 before I ate supper, I had eaten a little chocolate egg and then we had hamburgers and a few french fries. I had taken my Lantus this morning, my usual dosage and then took Symlin with lunch and my humalog too.

I am super dizzy and feel really discombobulated too. Not just the angry part. I haven’t been able to stay awake at all today, every time I sit down it’s like I pass out instead of just plain old dosing off. I am awake one moment then I’m asleep.

I guess I’ll give it the weekend, but may skip Easter sunday since I have to be with family and am in charge of most of the cooking.

I feel totally out of control though, is this normal at all?

Well I have been on Symlin for about a month now and for me at first I had no change for the first week after that it started working great! My sugar have been wonderful. Although we have to remember that some times no matter what we do and how careful we are our sugars will do funny things for no reason. If I were you I would stick with it as I said it takes about one week to show the good that it dose. Also did you cut back on your humalog? I know for me my Dr told me to cut it in half and there was no way that I could do that I did not change it at all for the first week then after that I cut it back about 8 to 10 units but not in half. But we are all different and you know your body. Good luck

I understand the frustration, believe me. There are some “tricks” to taking Symlin and making it work. Also depends on why you are taking it (for what goal)

More information, please - how much do you take, when, etc.? Also, are you T1 or T2? One thing I would say is that 144 is high for eating. I would have done a correction on that first - but don’t know when you had last eaten.