New endocrine/new med

hi- i’ve just started on symlin last night. im monitoring closely by see no difference in bs- how long does this med take to work???

what were your reasons or expectations for taking it?? the main thing ive noticed is once again recognizing the feeling of full & hungry but it takes more than 1 day to notice changes.

What dose are you on? I started at 15 titrating up to my maintenance dose of 60, so assuming you are doing the same you may not see the difference until you get up in dose. I didn’t experience any nausea so I rose it up in less than a week. Are you lowering your insulin dose? The recommendation is to lower it by 50% so you don’t go low. I also found I prefer to take the Symlin 15 minutes before eating which is against the recommendations, but I haven’t gone low and I don’t experience the fullness if I take it right before.