Whoops... I think I injected myself twice earlier lol!

Hi All

I get so distracted I can never remember whether or not I’ve given my insulin - earlier I had my pen out, had entered the dose in my iphone app, must have given it and then after a few phone calls and emails gave the same amount again!!

I caught the low bs 1.5 hours later at 3,3… had some cake… half an hour later 3.4, had some more cake… then some glucotabs and am now up to 4.4.

Does any one have a system for remembering? I’m sure I’ve done the opposite before as well - entering the dose on my iphone and then forgetting to actually inject…

I also fall asleep before giving my lantus fairly regularly but at least I haven’t doubled up on lantus for a few years!

Happy weekend :slight_smile:


And effective way to deal with this sort of thing is through rituals. Develop rituals that you follow every time you inject. For instance, take a rubber band and wrap it around your pen. In the morning, it moves from the cap to the pen. Then lunch, you move it from the pen to the cap. Never inject without following the ritual and moving the rubber band. If you question whether you have injected or not, look at the rubber band. If you are like me and really need help, you may need several rituals and some might involve chanting (just kidding).