I posted a blog earlier this week and then accidentally deleted it while trying to do something on my Android phone (I much prefer iOS!!). I've been meaning to post a new one but have just been sooooooo busy!!!!

So a brief summary:

Last week I was officially diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis, which is a chronic inflammation/swelling of the esophagus that causes food to get stuck and the throat to generally feel weird constantly (at least in my case). Trialling a high dose of PPI for about a month to see if that works. A week in and it's not making much difference. If that fails, I have a prescription for a steroid asthma inhaler that I'm supposed to swallow instead of inhaler. I also have a referral to an allergist to get tested for food allergies which are what often triggers EE. If we can identify and avoid food allergens (and I already have a few suspects, including milk and banana) then that alone may be enough to control the EE.

Last week I also found out I also need laser surgery on my eyes to prevent an acute glaucoma attack, which it was recently discovered I'm at high risk for. I'm nervous about it mostly because I already have so many eye issues. I also find it hard to keep my eye still, and may need an injection in my eye to paralyze it ... Ugh. But I'd rather get this done now (especially since three separate doctors have recommended it) rather than walking around wondering when a glaucoma attack might start. The kind of attack they are worried about can cause vision loss in a matter of hours if not treated right away, so not something I want to mess with.

I'm a bit nervous that if I end up on a steroid inhaler (which I already take for asthma) AND a swallowed steroid inahler AND steroid eye drops (if needed) at the same time, that it might mess up my BG. But none of these things would be forever, except maybe the asthma one, but right now I only use it during periods my asthma is bothering me a lot.

Work has been completely crazy. In my office we have two people that do my job, and my co-worker has just been laid off due to budget cuts, which means I inherited all of her work!! They are not planning on hiring a replacement. So this should be interesting ...

I'm also in the final stages of my thesis data collection and starting to write up the results, which is super exciting! My research has garnered a LOT of interest locally and even nationally ... even a TV station wanting to do a national news story on it. It's all very exciting and somewhat nerve-wracking and has been affecting my sleep ... Well, that and work.

So, that is me in a nutshell lately. I have an appointment with my endocrinologist on Friday so am going to try and pop by the lab to get an A1c done tomorrow, out of curiosity. It's only been 2.5 months since my last one (7.2) but I'm really curious if it's gone up. Surprisingly, my last few infusion sets were not irritated, I thought the problem was solved! But this latest one I took out tonight was itching since shortly after putting it in and definitely irritated. I'll ask my endo about it on Friday and possibly the allergist when I see him, even though it's not what I'll have been referred for.

Lots of updates, Jen ...I am staying tuned ...and do tell us too , when you are being aired , time and which TV station ...I will wave !!!