Well that just sucks :(

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s yesterday. I can’t say I was exactly surprised, but it’s still a bummer… just one more thing to add to the list… now I wonder if more autoimmune junk won’t be coming my way too… really my biggest fear is celiac, I don’t want to have to deal with that one…ever :frowning: I mean, I’m sure I could if I had to, but it just seems tough.

On the bright side, after 9 years with T1, my kidney function is perfect, my eyes still look great, and aside from my cholesterol being a bit out of whack likely from the thyroid issue, I’m doing great… that makes me happy. I am complication free and I hope to remain so for a long time - I think with the newer D technologies being developed all the time, the odds are really on my side there :slight_smile:

I’ve finally started the process to get back on a pump too. I saw my CDE yesterday and she agreed to let me “skip” the next two parts of the education series she normally does with patients pre-pump since it’s clear I know what I am getting into (plus I was pumping before, so none of it is super new), but I do have to meet with a dietitian in a couple of weeks to make sure I know how to carb count (ugh) - they couldn’t waive that one for me, even though clearly it’s what I’m already doing and what I’ve been doing since 2001, but then I will be approved to order my pump and my pump "re"start is scheduled for 5 weeks from now… woohoo!

Now to just figure out how to come up with my $2500 deductible… ouch! Oh yeah, and figure out what color I want… I’m going to be getting a PING, and I’m torn between green and pink! I think I’m leaming towards pink with a green skin, but I may change my mind… at least with the skins I won’t be stuck with one color anyways :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about the Hashimoto’s, but glad to hear about the pump!

Okay I have to go google Hashimoto, but your upbeat attitude amazes me. :slight_smile:

Keep up that great spirit. You really are doing great. Many blessings headed your way.

Sorry to hear about the Hashimoto’s. I worry about the celiac thing too as I have a total of 4 autoimmune disorders so far. I have the D, hashimoto’s, sarcodosis, and myositis. So far so good, all 4 are being managed just fine. I really think having an upbeat attitude helps with all this stuff so you will do great.

You should go green! Of course I am biased since my ping is green :slight_smile:

Well Sarah, I’m guessing you already have this lovely object (new pump) in your possession, but the green skin was a disappointment to my daughter. It’s a rather dull green, not a fun and peppy color at all. The pink/purple swirl camo is nice.