Why Are Fasting/Overnight Target #s So Low?

I’m a Type 1 Diabetic and I’m preparing for pregnancy. I use a Dexcom and I keep my blood sugar levels under 140 all the time. My most recent A1C was 5.9.

I’ve read that fasting number during pregnancy should be under 95 and I have a really hard time with this. Does anyone know why it’s important for fasting numbers to be so low? I understand why I should avoid spikes, but why does this number need to be so low? As long as it’s under 140, shouldn’t everything be ok? I can’t seem to get an answer to this question. Maybe I don’t have a good understanding of this…I’d love some insight!

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In an ideal world, you have your numbers in the normal, non diabetic range. Without going hypo. Fasting under 95 and before meals low 100’s. Glucose over 120 can be toxic, some say, but a post meal spike of 140 should be ok.
Ask for help to do a basal test. To get fasting and before meals right

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As Jack said, in pregnancy they want your numbers as close to non-diabetic as possible.

The actual target range for pregnancy planning is 70 - 95 for fasting and before meals, and less than 120 after meals, and never above 140.

A non-diabetic fasting is typically in the 80s. In non-diabetic pregnancies fasting is known to be lower than in non-pregnancy.

Hope this helps. Sounds like you are nearly there, and with a bit more tweaking (maybe of your basal rates) you should be able to get down a bit lower.