Why did Omni Pod get worse with new design?

Hello all, I started Pod's about A year ago. I had many problems, which angered me greatly . The new pods came and I lost 2 due to overfilling . Now failure after failure, and I can't get in touch with Insulet , even with the option of calling me back ! Why would I stick with such A troubling scary product = well because I have to. I use Dexcom also and LOVE it, soon the Vibe pump will be available incorporating the Dexcom display into the Pump controller -one less thing to carry... I will have to pay cash for this pump .. and I will gladly to get away from OMNI POD

I never used the old pods, so I can't comment on how Omnipod got worse. What I can say is I was dxed in May 1975. I used daily injections and multiple daily injections for over 38 years. I switched to the new Omnipod pump in May of this year and I wouldn't dream of going back. I also have a G4 and am super-impressed with that product as well. I have had 2 problem pods in the bunch that I have used. They occluded and Omnipod replaced them. I have had great customer service with them as well. I have also had stellar customer service from Dexcom. But in the beginning with Dexcom I waited on the phone forever and eventually they would call me back a day or two later.
I'm sorry you are having trouble with your pods and with Insulets' response to your complaints. Or their lack of communication. But as I said, I don't think it is a "troubling scary product" and I wouldn't trade it for anthing.

Sorry you're having such a tough time. Doesn't sound like the Omnipod is for you.

I haven't had problems like you've had. I've had one occlusion and two pod errors in over 30 pods. The rare occlusion I expect from any pump; the two pod errors are Insulet's fault, but hardly anything pointing to a serious problem.

hey, do you know any timeframe in terms of the Vibe incorporated with Dexcom?

The first quarter of 2013 has been eventful for Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care. Animas Corporation submitted the Animas Vibe insulin pump to the FDA, integrated with the Dexcom G4 Platinum. This Animas Vibe will display Dexcom CGM data right on the pump screen, alleviating the need for Vibe users to carry the G4 Platinum receiver. If the review process goes smoothly, the integrated device might be approved by the end of 2013. As we covered in diaTribe #52, LifeScan also recently received FDA clearance for the OneTouch VerioSync, which sends blood glucose data directly to an iPhone app.

In less positive news, LifeScan recalled the OneTouch Verio IQ (worldwide), OneTouch Verio Pro (Europe), and OneTouch Verio Pro+ (hospitals outside the US) in late March because the meters had problems notifying users of very high blood glucose readings.

Apparently if all goes well for them with the FDA then the Vibe/Dexcom system will be available by the end of 2013. But we all know the FDA drags its' feet on these things so it will probably not be available until the first quarter of 2014

thanks, clare!