Why So Fat, yo?


For 20 years, I have tried alternating doses, taking my hormone replacement at night, on an empty stomach, with food, dividing doses during the day (all with doctor’s approval). It was not until I was diagnosed with celiac disease and went gluten free that my thyroid stabilized. I have not had a single swing (hypo to hyper and back) since then (over 4years) my nodules are gone and my thyroid is no longer enlarged. Could be just a coincidence, but maybe healing my gut to better absorb meds and calming my hypersensitivities (immune response) helped.


While you don’t need any more education or information, I would still recommend a dietitian. A good one serves more as a trainer or coach. Their goal isn’t to teach you, it’s to apply that information to your individual circumstances. Because they have worked with many clients, they can help you figure out what’s not working right and possibly narrow down what’s going on. They can also serve as a good advocate for you with your doctor. Be it right or wrong, the doctor is more likely to listen to the dietitian.


I have been overweight most if not all of my adult life. My heart goes out to you Tamra and you must focus on the positive and continue your daily routine. It is a grave concern of mine that Drs while the words come easy, dont have the understanding we sometimes look for. I hope you continue to search and find the correct balance that helps you to live a long, healthy and happy life!


This gut bacteria research was sparked by a study out of israel that used diabetics as subjects. It was published in Cell magazine. This is a summary for diabetes related stuff: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2015-11/cp-fd111215.php

Could be connected to a thyroid problems? Hypothyroidism is common in diabetics. Have you been checked?


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me my insulin is probably not to blame here, at least not to a large extent.

I sympathise. Weight loss is like getting blood out of a stone.

Which insulin are you on? I am asking, because on Tresiba, while my blood sugar was good, my weight was going up up and up… despite strict attention to diet, exercise, etc. I am now back on levermir, and at least have stopped gaining… losing continues to be tough.

Did your Dr test FT3 and FT4? Both should be at optimal levels - some say upper 1/3 of range.

I am eating mostly ketogenic diet these days, and NOT losing weight. I am also intermittent fasting, and Exercising. No junk food ever! No snacks ever. It seems I really don’t need much food at all to live. Good thing is I’ll surely be with you as last woman standing in case of extended famine.