Why was my Insulin only $25 today?

I’ve also experienced this - that the difference in what I pay thanks to the coupon is actually applied to my deductible (so in your case, $275). I have a friend who gets Embril and thanks to the HUGE difference in drug cost vs. coupon cost, meets her max out of pocket without paying a dime. It’s great to hear that your pharmacy is automatically applying these coupons for patients - it’s sad to hear how many people are aware of these programs!

One of the articles says that the pharmacists are getting better at applying them where applicable. Maybe my super star pharmacist figured it out. Hes smart like a fox.

Has anyone used this discount card? My Novolog refill is coming up soon.


No, but I found the one for Humalog. I will try it in a month. https://www.rxpharmacycoupons.com/humalog-coupon.html

Last year Optum RX went back in and removed the supposed amount I paid for Novolog. So though it showed I had spent some $500, I did not and eventually they or the HMO fixed things and adjusted back down. Which meant in the end I had to pay a lot of money for my first supplies of Pods. :frowning:

Thats a real bummer. Optum is a big player in my town. I think there’s been a lot of reorganization, via the fact that they are a subsidiary of United Health Group. They have been doing a lot of hiring here. They are expanding and buying their own subsidiaries.

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There was some movement in 2018 by insurers to stop counting the before pharma discount price of a drug towards a plan deductible under what’s termed a “copay accumulator”. I think this will unfortunately become more common.



Gosh darn it, I’m gonna call them right now and ask…

OK, so I was super fortunate. My insurance plan said that it did get applied to the deductible (which is awesome because my deductible might have doubled this year). They said, specifically, that specialty drugs that come from a specialty pharmacy would not have manufacturer payments applied to the deductible.

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Good ! Glad it worked out for you

I think my state senators are gangsta’s for fighting with pharma. Thats gotta be a dragon of a fight, even for them. Dangerous in community based in the medical industry, like mine. They are Gangsters. I give them props. They made the manufacturers nervous. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yg-RIOATCbU

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What state is that?


I used to live in Hibbing for a time - like 4th grade

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