Why? What are the insurers up to?

Ok ok am I being punked? This all sounds like a play that my 15 year old daughter would act in. I really don’t understand it

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Interesting comments!

“The cases of at least 3 of the 16 are dubious (Colin Norris, Ben Geen, Aino Nykopp-Koski).”

That means that 13/16 are not dubious. Surprisingly large sample set…considering. I mean, that’s more than I would expect that they could drum up. Creepy.

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No, at least means there may be more dubious cases, but dubious in turn doesn’t mean proof of wrongful conviction.

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Sometimes TRUTH is stranger than fiction.

M.O.N.E.Y is the main motivator. As for Heather, the woman behind some of this, who knows? She started this in a scheme to extort MONEY from her employer. She is/was just a part of a bigger cabal, including cops, prosecutors, judges, and more. They even ordered an 11 year old murdered to shut up his attorney mother, who they feared was about to try & expose them.

An Ann Arbor attorney tried to expose them, and he got disbarred for trying. I was a witness for him at his hearing in Detroit. They did not like is message, so they killed the messenger, so to speak.

Sometimes the (original) “Tear Group”. does things just because they can, or to help their reputation, cross them, get free cement shoes type of things.

They do go out of their way to make their murders look like accidents or such. A few weeks after I gum-shoed & located one of their hit men, “Terry”. on Fairview, he turned up DEAD, of “natural causes”. I never got to speak with him about the case in question.

Might have been a combination of factors. They actually made TWO attempts, one just hours earlier. They had checked out of the pharmacy. I am not posting the details here, at least not YET. A simple mixing up the two, i.e. item ‘A’ when they should have used item ‘B’, would alone explain this.

One person, not directly involved said, it was just not my time, another(?) I had a “mission, and it’s not done, yet”. Who knows, I do not, at this point.

PS: I may loose my place here. I get messages support for my explorer version is ending.

Download chrome.

Some parts of the country are like this - lots of corruption. Im sure West VA has issues like that, along with TN, PA, Chicago, and some really poor towns in the South. What a mess.

Be careful, David.

One biggie you left off is Miami/Dade. A study by FBI (1990s) found a 75-80% level of corruption,. That included everything from beat cops/LEOs to Judges.

One area business man, who located one of his franchise stores here, said his store here is his best performer of all his stores, BUT, if he had known the level of corruption here, he would have never located one here.

In both here in Michigan, & in Florida, the county sheriff, in many, but not all counties, are the main drug dealer, go figure. JOKEson runs, or ran a drug toll-booth along I-94. They stopped one passer-thru, confiscated about $9 or 10K & his car. The man had a receipt for his Windsor (Canada) casino winnings for the money. Nothing mattered.

There was one elderly super-bowl winner in a bar lottery (illegal) 1 block from JPD. She was robbed, purse snatched as she & her hubby were heading to their car, She YELLED and people started chasing the robber. He ran around a building, his usual MO.

An off-duty deputy (just happened?) to be there, got out of his truck and tackled the robber.

I KNEW this deputy all too well, I had worked with him decades ago. He was as crooked as they come. I also knew a deputy or 2 that were honest.

DKB, the serial robber’s MO was he always got away by getting into a vehicle waiting for him around a building. Was deputy RE there as DKB’s accomplice, or was it just coincidence? If I were a betting man, my bet would not be on the latter.

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Hehehe, David. Your from Michigan? I’m from Minnesota. Now, I can tease you. I make fun of Michigan all the time, but its only because I love Michiganders so. You guys are crazy in an endearing way. Florida is crazy in a bad way, although very beautiful in parts. My buddy just moved down there. He’s about had it. Says its the worst decision he ever made. We all told him not to do it. I think he’s gonna move back here. His poor, sweet, patient wife must be at the end of her rope with moving.

I found all the Minneapolis’ interconnecting sky-walks neat. It was warm weather when I visited. Go from building to building, w/o cold/snow/ice to deal with in winter. Could get LOST in the dntn maze

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I gotta have a guide up there or I get lost too. Its easy to get lost w/o landmarks and get eaten by a Minnesota Minotaur. They almost shut them down due to homeless camps and robberies. There are also a lot of underground tunnel systems here, but those got shut down long ago due to violent incidents.

We have a big increase in homeless camps setting up now. I don’t know what everybody is gonna do once Winter hits. Maybe the State buys everybody bus tickets to FL. IDK.