Why? What are the insurers up to?

Why does UnitedHealth Group have “corporate real estate initiatives?”


They’re diversified?

A health care entity my husband used to work for had multiple companies under their one umbrella, one being a corporate real estate branch.

Hmmmm…That’s interesting. I don’t know what to make of it.

The individual companies were all numbered as they were developed and the real estate company was the first. I think a lot of companies are diversified, have their hands in a multitude of pots so-to-speak.

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My guess is that UHC has many different office locations, seeking new, leaving old, maintenance, upgrades, rent/owns, etc. Could this position be responsible for IT related to that ?

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I was wondering that. Or, they could need assistance with clinics that have changed their operations. But, it seems to so directly say that the application they are building is for commercial real estate and finance, so I’m guessing its more like what Tapestry suggested, but I’m not sure. Strange.

And they rent them out to their insurance agents !!

:rofl: close … they owned the insurance company itself, not the agents … and they owned physician practices … and they owned the dme company … and they owned the pharmacy … and the list goes on!

Do they own the hospital, or are they just in some kinda partnership?

I’m surprised by this. It doesn’t sound like it should be legal. Like it violates anti-monopoly laws, or something. Or even just patient advocacy rulings. Doesn’t seem like one company should be able to monopolize every step of a patient’s care.

It could also be development of properties they don’t completely need anymore? I think you will see a lot more empty office buildings as working from home has worked well for some companies. They will still need offices, but if you can save on real estate and the costs associated with it several companies have already said they will be going forward with working from home plans. So which buildings do you leave and sell or not renew for lease, which should you keep and merge departments that you can at etc???

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Maybe they plan to stay remote for the foreseeable future. Other companies have said they are considering selling their physical locations.

@Robyn_H, Speaking of monopoly busting, look at today’s mess that popped up here…Update from the insulin peeps

The hospital, in this case, is the parent company.

Insurance companies own hospitals and vice versa.

And you’re correct @Robyn_H it doesn’t seem quite right, but it is what it is.


The city where I live, the local HORSEpital bought up 2 other hospitals, most Dr practices, and other Medical related Busses. Feb 28, 2018 I fainted, had syncope. Crash landed on my basement shop floor. I decided maybe I should go to ER and at least get checked out.
They ran tests, no concussion, no broken bones, just minor brusing & cuts. They did ask me to stay for an overnight observation. That sounded like a good idea.(reasonable)

The next morning, Mar, 01, 2018, 2 nurses came in. HE said he was giving me an anti nausea med. I asked him WHY?, I had not had any, he did not answer. (I later learned it was a prep for putting me in the COMA, so I would not vomit)

The the female nurse wit him, asked if she could give me my Lantus. It was a few minutes after 8an, so I said 'yes".

I watched (in horror) as she started injecting my Lantus directly into my veins, via my IV-port. My vision went black quickly, I could not move, or speak, but my hearing, lingered. I heard her start boasting to the male nurse, how easily she got me to agree to let her kill me.

This same nurse returned, less that 4 hr later and gave me yet another shot (by unknown means) of Lantus. then, about 1451 they ran an EEG to verify they had me comatose, & discontinued it after 7 minutes.

At a little before 3:30am, March 02, I awoke from the coma. Everything in my room was off. 2 people (RNs?) were leaving my room. They mentioned having given me yet another injection, (but not what) as they headed for my door. They stopped in my doorway, & announced to someone in the hall, “He’'s A DEAD MAN” in a raised voice, followed by laughter.

Since they had disconnected my monitor, they did not know I had recovered, and I was not about to alert them. I was very tired, & figured I misght be safe, (I played dead & slept) till day shift came on. BTW my insulin vial was returned to me with about 3 weeks worth of Lantus, missing and unaccounted for.

I demanded to be RELEASED, My record noted I was irritable, frustrated & demanding release. I told them I would do a self-release if need be.

After that They all, my local Dr.s, etc worked to keep me from getting proper medical care. Speeding false rumors even beyond the hospital’s system. even to the VA, and my care suffered unconscionably.

The cause of my syncope was Addison’s. They worked to hide my Addison’s Dx, tried giving me improper diabetes management instructions, but as a 4 decade diabetic, (I KNEW better). destroy evidence of my coma and a lot more. You can not begin to imagine the lengths they went to, in preventing my proper treatment and finding evidence of their DIRTY DEEDS. They even had a sheriff deputy harass me, their victim!

I did eventually get proper treatment for my new autoimmune, primary Addison’s etc out of town about 40 miles away.

There is a lot more, but when one entity has a local monopoly they have lots of control and power. (think like a MOB, or RICO criminal enterprise)

JD W/multiple autoimmune diseases

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Are you sure you were not hallucinating this whole thing?
I mean for all those people to agree to kill you is a little bizarre. Besides there are hundreds of other ways to kill a person that would work so much easier. Lantus is a long acting insulin so it wouldn’t matter if it went into your veins so much because it is suspended for slow release. I mean a log insulin would have made more sense. So what I’m saying is this whole story is bizarre and odd.
Not sure if Addison’s can cause hallucinations or if it was low blood sugar or what.
I think you should get a copy of your medical chart…

Was my cousin your nurse? She jokes that insulin would be the easiest way to kill someone. I mean, maybe she’s joking. When we were kids, visiting from out of town, she used to bury my insulin in the backyard. She got caught once. Today, I’m proud to say that she’s a nurse.

Maybe he imagined it, Timothy, or maybe my cousin was his nurse. Was your nurse really pretty, @JDavid?

Lantus is a SLOW acting basal insulin, BUT, only when injected SC, the proper way. When injected directly into a person’s veins, there is NO DELAY, what-so-ever!

I have a good idea WHY this happened. My murder was ordered by a person in the hospital admin. She had involvement in a couple murders a couple decades ago, (on behalf of a local mob, a multi-million dollar extortion ring) She had the gall to send me a letter, signed with her (partial) name. I had no idea she still lived here, let alone worked for/at the hospital. It’s in my record that admin ordered my killing.

I had tried exposing this criminal entity a couple decades ago. The only She, for reason/s unknown to me, just had to make sure I KNEW she was behind it.

I did get a copy of my hospital records.

I learned in Sept, 2019, (well after I filed my formal complaint) about the West Virginal, VA hospital insulin murders. The murders done there are very similar to what happened to me, except I survived!

I am a tough ole bird. I had cancer surgery in 1982, given 10% chance of surviving just 12 months. I have been shot at, ran off the road, and a victim of a wheeling accidents, and much more.


It wasn’t my cousin, it was an entire crime ring.

Why did they want to kill you, @JDavid? Just because they were serial killers? Do you think that you survived because you are a diabetic and have greater tolerance for low blood sugar?

Here’s the best article about it…Really interesting!

Here’s some highlights:

Insulin was the drug most frequently used to poison patients. But health care killers also used sedatives, muscle relaxers, blood thinners, heart drugs and even bleach. Some started with one drug and moved to another as the pace of their killings increased.”

I gotta read this paper…https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/jip.1434

Get this!

"Cullen moved from hospital to hospital, taking new jobs when managers began to suspect his deadly ways. Although investigators collected forensic evidence implicating him, prosecutors did not charge him until a fellow nurse, wearing a wire, coaxed a confession.

Harvey’s arrest was a matter of luck. He used cyanide to poison a man hospitalized after a motorcycle crash, unwittingly triggering an Ohio law requiring autopsies on all motorcycle fatalities. The medical examiner who performed the autopsy had a genetic ability to smell cyanide, which triggered the investigation."

Statistician Richard Gill, whose work was of great importance in the retrial and reversal of the conviction of a Dutch nurse, has some comments to that study, questioning some of the cases and the methodology.