Why wont Medicare pay for the Omnj Pod

You didn’t think “the rich get richer and the sick get sicker” was pathetic? Gosh I did.

I’m sorry but I hate complaining. If you’re waiting on the Govt to take care of you then you are in big trouble.

I haven’t seen anyone in this thread waiting on the government to take care of them. We have paid into Medicare all of our working lives however and then pay a monthly premium once we qualify for it. To have legitimate medical claims not covered after all the money that has gone into it is just ridiculous.

Since you are apparently a wealthy, self-sufficient whatever who will not be accepting Medicare coverage when you are old enough or disabled enough to qualify, you probably should not be wasting your time commenting on a thread with those who need it. I’m sure you are busy working harder and smarter than the rest of us.

Jean, I asked my doctor yesterday if he knows how to get Medicare to pay for pods. He has several seniors on pods since he pushes them and the majority of his patients are retirees. He didn’t seem to realize that Medicare did not pay, but said he would ask around and see if he can give any answer. His only thought was that he wrote letters of medical necessity specifically for the OmniPod because of the dangers of loose/dangling tubing with his senior patients. I’m thinking that it may be that they have Medigap policies that pay what Medicare doesn’t and maybe that’s how they are getting them covered. I’ll let you know if he comes up with anything.

I wasn’t referring to Everyone on the thread, just you. Your Republicans are evil comment was ignorant and ridiculous so I responded. Good luck with everything, no hard feelings.

If you’re waiting on the Govt to take care of you then you are in big trouble.

Then by your own reasoning, if you are not able to do any better for yourself (let’s say you are unable to take care of yourself through sickness or disability) then (by your own words) you are in big trouble so the sick may indeed get sicker if they are "waiting for the gov’t to take care of " them.