Omnipod and Medicare


Hi everyone. I’ve been a TuDiabetes member for most of my 15 years as an LADA, but haven’t been active for the last couple of years. I have just recently transitioned to Medicare and it’s been a minor nightmare. I was paying out-of-pocket for my oPods for the last couple of years, roughly $25 a piece and let my supply run out as my birthday approached. I just got my first shipment as a Medicare recipient and was charged the same. I do have a deductible to meet, and after that they’ll be less but they’re still not as covered as I had hoped they’d be. It has taken almost a month for approval and delivery and I think that only happened because Insulet got involved. Is my experience normal?

When I applied my first pod this afternoon, after a month of dosing old school, I noticed that the fill needles are different. At first I assumed they had changed them while I’d been on “vacation,” but now I’m laughing thinking that they make them with bigger graphics… numbers and lines, for us seniors to be able to read them.

Thanks for any advice and experience you may offer. I look forward to catching up with old friends as I scroll around the site.