Why won't my endo approve me pumping?(pls ansr)

i am really mad,you see,since i got D last Jan.,i have been asking for a pump,she would always tell me to wait first,the problem was me going low,you can't have it,it's a suicidal she say says for me because i am hypo unaware,and something else

next she say’s it’s not stabilised ,it should be an(all low or all high from what i get)…
and the problem continues

she said last time i am a good candidate since i love learning,ang a good trainee who gets the information and loves learning and all,and in the next appointment she’s gonna put me on a CGM and check
it still a far future planning for her,for me,closer than the tip of my nose!

wh me luck(i need it!)

Hi ;

is it supposed to be paid by your insurance?

Most endos try to avoid subscribing it as it is quite costly … ( +/- 10.000 US $ each ).
Try to change your endo and try to sort out who in your area is specialized in pumps… call Minimed or any of the pump supplier and ask them if they can recommend you a endo.

Most of the times they try to give you the cheaper conventional injections … I even saw many endos here still subscribing the one way use old injections… instead of the more sophisticated Pen.

Myself I am on Pen ; I tried the pump some years ago but didnt like to we connected to a cable all day + always had irritations on the injection site…

I am currently on 2x basis Levemir & bolus Apidra for BS corrections / carb counting…

Best Luck;


thanks hayaa
for replying so sooner
you see,i suspected so,in our country,it’s free for diabetics who would use it for improving their Bgs,i told her that i have an insurance that covers it if money was the problem but she told me it wasn’t

thank you,hope you go well with your levimir,iam a (lantuser)myself

Hi Saya,

Some endos may also want to wait until you’ve had D for a while (a year seems to be a common period). I think it may be that they want to make sure you know better how you react to insulin, what lows feel like, get thru the honeymoon period, etc

I had to go through several doctors before I found one that was pro pump. I think that some doctors just do not realize the benefits of the pump.

Just like Hayaa several of the doctors I had did not realize that insulin came in pen form.

I wish you luck and it is worth all of the hard work that you are going to have to do to get the pump so keep fighting.

well yeah,that’s kind of problem
i think i am through honeymoon lready,i was diagnosed about 4 months ago with that,and no more unexplained lows
and with hypo unaware that’s definitely a neg

thanks scot
it really helps

It will be wise to wait till honey moon is over,and in the mean time you get to learn every thing about the pump and all.If you have many lows,decrease your insulin dose.

That’s an old wives tale that you have to wait a year. What for- to make sure your pancreas is completely dead? Going on a pump right away saves your cells a little longer since everything is much more precise than it could ever be pumpless. In fact, I went on a pump one month after diagnosis (in my hands went on it, so it was ordered for me upon diagnosis) due to the fact that I needed only 20 units a day and I could control what I was doing better. I can plan my day 2-4 hours out better than I can 12 hours out!

If your doc hasn’t prescribed one, and can’t back up his/her statements, dump that one and find a pro pump doc. If you want to stay on shots, fine, but if you want a pump, your doc should be encouraging you, not stopping you.

thanks Dave
you are one of my favoutite Tuters!
i am thinking of (conftonting)her the next time,asking about what should i do
i red the book,i am reading it right now too,in 17 chapter :slight_smile:
and about the hypo unaware, my last a1c is 10,i won’t lie and tell you that i did that for my hypos
it was just me being lazy,and if that did’t work,i wonder what would
and getting familiar,i think i kind of working on that :slight_smile:
thanks dave

me too,i didn’t know at first that lantus solo \star pen

the problem is,she’s not exactly antipump,she just keep telling me why ,that sometimes i found her unreasonable
first(no lows)then(no highs),is there other than contraditon here?
i know she’s the best and all but!

thanks alot,iknow it will be worth it,but when,i am a patient girl but that is over(i don’t know).

h\salaam sohair
long time no see
i think it is ver since there is no more unexplained lows
about the lows,same thing with you(long time no see!)
and ramadan kareem :slight_smile:

thanks sweet fur(nice name!)
the problem isn’t just go for another one type
first,mom loves her,she thinks she is good and reasonable,second,she’s in one of hte best four hospitals here,and third,she’s the head of intensive insulin therapy,see the problem,i do trust her opinion,how am i gonna show her mine!
and you go sweet fur,one month!,thts better than i dreamed of!

i think you’re right,but i am sure i am all ready used to the diabetes thing,let alone the pump
the doctor her self is impressed,she told she’s sure that i have been aquinted with the pump since i use
some technical words and all

thanks again dave,i do respect your opinion,you and sweet fur :slight_smile:

again,thank you
well,you can say that i am an exception,i am a bookworm,since the first time i red about pumping,i have been all over the internet like a maniac :slight_smile:

well,thanks all of you for answering
the endo will put me on a cgm as decided,then i would be refered to pre-pump clinic,thanks again

A lot of times endos want you to wait until you are out of the “honeymoon” phase, that is your body is still producing insulin for now and they are worried about hypos until this phase is over. Just be patient, or try and get another doctor, eventually one will come through for you.

thanks sara jane
i am already through it,thanks for your concern
and thanks for all of you who answered in this topic
or sent me messeges i couldn’t read
or commented on my page
thanks a lot
my doctor as i said has soften
she’s putting me on a cgm,then refering me to the prepump clinic :slight_smile:

You are ready. There is no iron-clad reason against pumping right away so long as you are mentally and emotionally ready. I think you will love your pump. There are so many things to learn and emotionally adjust to after diagnosis, I’m not surprised a doctor or other diabetic might advise against a pump in first year. Learning my carb counts for all of my typical meals was a big deal for a long time. You seem really ready. I had my hands full coping with rage against the disease and lows which used to bathe me in sweat so bad I ruined shirts. I would not have wanted to pump because it would have felt like being diagnosed all over again. The first time a CDE mentioned how much I would like using a pump, I had a nauseous reaction because I pictured it like an organ on the outside of my body!

Interesting that your doc wants to put you on cgm first. I’ve often thought that is best way to do it. CGM (if it works well in your body) makes setting up and tweaking pump settings much more convenient and easy. So far it seems most people get pump first, and CGM second.

wow,that’s a nice story,kind of bitter sweet
i too had my fears,i thought there was no tubing o.0
just me and the pump connected to me,i was like,(and how am i supposed to press the buttons if it was on my hand?)
you see about the cgm :slight_smile: i told you she’s a good doctor :slight_smile:
thanks don for sharing your experience :slight_smile:
and i really apreceate you thinking am ready,it really helps

you see,here is a proof,i well tell you about the other half from side of view,i don’t know about the real problems when dealing with a pump,i have learned only theoritacally,not technicaly,so don’t hesitate to correct me
about the pain part,i can handle whatever comes from diabetes
as for the daily use of the pump and being attached,i sometimes put my pen on my neclace so i won’t forget to inject :slight_smile:
and learning,well,that’s the most important part
i red user manuals for 5 different company,22models,not each and every word
but iknow how to bolus,temp basal adjust,view history,prime.rewind for most of them
see,iI have obsession in learning :slight_smile: