Wilford Brimley


I just find the way he pronounces diabetes incredibly funny.

Actually, I just wanted to post something in my blog. I'm new at this and Wilford seemed like a good opening.

Edit: I wanted to add the Brimley REMIX!


and one more



Hi Sharon:

Now that really made me laugh! I have heard that we all have a twin out there some where, and you have certainly found Wilford’s.


Holy crap, that is hysterical!


I hope this works! Brimley REMIX! It cracks me up when I’m having a bad day.





Seen this?

There’s a very funny one that Scott added the other day.


My husband and I always go around for hours after that commercial comes on laughing about my “die-uh-bee-tus”…glad we’re not the only ones who think it’s hilarious!!