I Just Saw Wilford!

I just saw a picture of Wilford Brimley on our site!!! He’s in an ad on the right hand side.
It made me laugh out loud remembering the funny comments made about him and his Diabeetus by a number of us awhile back.
Manny… you did this just to get us going again.

Right Elaine blame Manny!!! HA!!! I didn’t see that one THANK GOD!!! I have my own opinion about him as I’m sure you have read in some discussions here!!! HA!!


Wanna Dance Elaine?


With you, sure, but not with him…
When did he get so large? I’d think his 'beeetus is not well controlled!

Uh, Manny can you make sure that we don’t have Wilford Brimley ads on the tudiabetes site!!! I mean no other person has more dis-service to the term diabetes by calling it diabeetus than Wilford. Every time I hear that term it makes me cringe!!!

Manny if this was your plan “to get us fired up” it worked!!!

Chadd, I am closer to his age than you are, but he sure doesn’t represent me either! Let’s see…is there anyone between the Jonas kid and Haley Berry (the devil?)

Put on your dancin’ shoes on Elaine… Just waitin on you! Lets paint the town RED! … U ready?

Always…I am a bit picky about the music, tho…

Ok well I like to dance slow, so u get to pick the music… Just borrow some steel toe boots :o) I am a bit rusty , but I catch on fast!

I’ll lead!

I can certainly do that: I just need you to please send me the URL for the destination page when you click on the ad, so I can include it among the list of blocked ads.

The best thing about this is I don’t think Wilford started ‘diabeetus.’ I heard it all the time growing up in the south-east US. He just did it on TV so all of you yankees heard it finally. :slight_smile: I agree, it is annoying but funny.

ok sure… I will remember to wear my steel toe boots! Hahah Hopes u had a marvelous Labor day weekend and did not eat too much… Me on the other hand, well it was nice and lol I did eat a bit too much…Now I am on insuline I am gaining a few pounds which my dr. said is normal and he has me still taking meteformin as well as the insulins to curb the weight gain… Need something to curb the increased the appetite! Or at least not give into it !! Not so easy!!! But I try… So about this music… What kinda music did you pick out to dance to? :o)