Will be asking my doctor for an Rx for unlimited insulin refills

I’m on medicare and I have a supplemental policy through BCBS. Because insulin is considered medicine, it’s covered through my supplemental policy which covers drugs.

Buy omeprazole at Walmart or on amazon can get 42 days for about $16

That is malpractice. You should have sued. Wreckless malpractice. If you have a T1 or T2 coming in for initial treatment after diagnosis they should be admitted and treated/trained by an endocrinologist and dietician and CDE. That hospital’s actions were unconscionable.

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Thanks, Sam. Unfortunately I take it twice a day, so the $2 co-pay I had been paying for years which then went up to a $15 co-pay, and this for a 90-day supply, will now cost me $32 PER MONTH! I cannot afford this.

I hope Medicare is still around in 30 years. Who knows. When Obama was Pres. I didn’t pay anything for my prescriptions. Once I paid the umbrella which was $100.00 the rest were $0.00. With Trump I’m now back to paying $20.00 per prescription every single time. I still don’t understand why. Health Insurance is no joke.

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Thanks, I agree, but one thing is, and I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I had not been diagnosed with anything at that point. All I had been told, which was by the urgent care doc, was I needed to go straight to the ER as my sugar level was so high I was about to go into a coma, nothing more. No diagnosis had been given at that point, it wasn’t until almost a week later that I got in with a doc and was diagnosed with adult rapid onset type 1

Ruth, try using the app GoodRX on your phone or PC, you can get Omeprazole for $5.25 at Costco or $9 at Walmart.

Sorry, maybe next time I do it.

I had another mission, Xanax, partial fail only Klonopin but the whole make a case that goes with getting the kind anxiety medicine that actually works distracted me so I forget to ask about refills until the day diabetes is cured.

Xanax is IMO is less likely to cause dependency cause it clears out quicker wile Klonopin half life makes it hand around and gets you ‘saturated’.

I only got a low dose with Klonopin. Learned the hard way long ago its something you must be careful with.

My Rx went up under Trump as well.

That is actually the opposite from what’s true. Benzos with short duration are more addictive generally, because they are far more likely to produce withdrawal/rebound symptoms. Longer acting ones taper off more, with less likelihood both of an intense response initially as well as reduced withdrawal symptoms. That’s one of the reasons they don’t prescribe xanax as readily, and why it’s really not appropriate for very regular use. I have a script for it, but use it maybe 2x a month. If someone uses something every day or close to, a longer acting benzo is definitely preferred. If you are using it only occasionally, I’d tell them that and then just ask for fewer pills/month, and they may be more willing to prescribe.

Steve52 - I’m now getting it at Costco. Only $16 for a 90 day supply, twice a day. Whew…great savings.

My prescriptions are good for a year, if I go over that year the pharmacist just calls the doctor and fills it.
Now that I have this online ordering thing set up, I order my insulin and it comes. They deal with the prescription issues internally.
Sometimes I get a call from my doctor telling me it’s time to come in.
I have never had my prescription rejected just for being expired


This statement doesn’t make any sense. You can kill yourself with insulin with just too much being taken at one injection. We always have the ability or the risk of killing ourselves with every shot we take multiple times a day. Our needs of use vary with medical conditions and what we eat etc. So our doses vary. It’s not like a drug where it’s a set 3 a day. Controlling our insulin amount does nothing to protect us.

Basically we get a months worth or 3 months worth and could kill ourselves with it with every shot of every day of every week of every month.


I think that’s just a spam/advertising post, it’s his first post and has an affiliate link.


I agree, I could kill myself for 11.9 months. If I get an automatic renewal at month 12, I’m not more or less likely to overdose on it.
It kind of goes for a lot of meds not just insulin. If you take 30days worth of blood pressure meds, it’s going to kill you.

Insulin is inherently dangerous every injection. Diabetics understand this all too well. Limiting insulin really changes nothing except possibly not having enough.

I agree also. Please standby folks and watch this member and his post go by-by.


Okay lol…I fell for it and should have realized that!!!

Don’t feel bad, I read the post two days ago and didn’t notice the spam link. I did notice the spam two days later and was investigating the member when another member flagged it.

Happens to all of us.

Yeah but it will only cost $25/ vial

Only if there were new players in the game willing to compete.

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