Will be asking my doctor for an Rx for unlimited insulin refills


I’m on medicare and I have a supplemental policy through BCBS. Because insulin is considered medicine, it’s covered through my supplemental policy which covers drugs.


Buy omeprazole at Walmart or on amazon can get 42 days for about $16


That is malpractice. You should have sued. Wreckless malpractice. If you have a T1 or T2 coming in for initial treatment after diagnosis they should be admitted and treated/trained by an endocrinologist and dietician and CDE. That hospital’s actions were unconscionable.


Thanks, Sam. Unfortunately I take it twice a day, so the $2 co-pay I had been paying for years which then went up to a $15 co-pay, and this for a 90-day supply, will now cost me $32 PER MONTH! I cannot afford this.


I hope Medicare is still around in 30 years. Who knows. When Obama was Pres. I didn’t pay anything for my prescriptions. Once I paid the umbrella which was $100.00 the rest were $0.00. With Trump I’m now back to paying $20.00 per prescription every single time. I still don’t understand why. Health Insurance is no joke.


Thanks, I agree, but one thing is, and I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I had not been diagnosed with anything at that point. All I had been told, which was by the urgent care doc, was I needed to go straight to the ER as my sugar level was so high I was about to go into a coma, nothing more. No diagnosis had been given at that point, it wasn’t until almost a week later that I got in with a doc and was diagnosed with adult rapid onset type 1