Will cigna open access plus cover omnipod, dexcom, and freestyle test strips?

Our insurance is changing, and my daughter currently has an omnipod (which I had to go through many, many layers of appeals to get approved by United healthcare), and I wanted to know if anyone has experience with cigna open access plus and coverage for omnipods and freestyle test strips, as well as dexcom (which she also has). Especially for someone who is already using the pump and cgm. Thanks!

The best way to get an answer is probably to start with a call to Cigna to get a full reading on their coverage, their DME supply policy and network and to understand their clinical policies on coverage. Others here might be able to provide personal experiences, but part of it will actually be determined by exactly what policy you are on (and that can often vary between employer to employer).

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I have Cigna for my insurance. I also use an Omnipod and Dexcom and they are all covered by Cigna. As mentioned, probably best to call Cigna directly and ask them as insurance plans obviously differ.


What’s been your experience with Cigna/ Caremark and freestyle strips? I’ve seen fine print in my plan regarding freestyle strips that’s made me wonder if they have a special exemption for omnipod users to get freestyle strips? Know anything about it?

I’m not on Cigna yet…trying to get info before I switch, but I’d love the answer to that, too!