Will Rhinocort raise by bg?

Allergies are killing me this year :( I saw my PCP today and she said to take Rhinocort (on top of Allegra and Mucinex). I asked if there was a steroid in the nasal spray and she confirmed that there is. However, she said it should not impact my bg. I'm skeptical and have a call in to my endo. But in the meantime I thought I'd ask you all. Have any of you used it? How did it impact your bg's (if at all)? Thanks!

That is a lot of drugs to take for allergies. Luckily, Zyrtek does it for me, but I would see an allergist. Might be difficult to get an appointment.......

Steroids ALWAYs make my glucose readings bonkers. And, normally, PCPs are pretty ignorant about diabetes.

I often feel like I live in pollen central. Take a look at this local chart!

I'm in the same boat ... I'm currently taking extra-strength Reactine (Zyrtec), Nasonex nasal spray, and Pataday eye drops, plus saline nasal spray and eye drops as needed. And even with this regimen, I still have major problems when I am around things I'm allergic to, like dogs or dust or trees, which are difficult to avoid. Without this regimen, I can't function on a daily basis.

My blood sugar goes crazy with my allergies. My theory (and my endocrinologist's) is that my body can't tell the difference between being sick and having allergies. It's trying to fight something off either way. So I don't really notice that the Nasonex impacts me at all. Plus, even if it does, I would rather take more insulin and be functional than be completely sick for months on end. I have allergies year-round, but spring and fall is when they really kill me and become unbearable.

Seeing an allergist is useful, they can identify exactly what you are allergic to. But that is only helpful to a point, because if you are allergic to a lot of things (like me) it's impossible to avoid everything. Plus, in my experience, allergists prescribe the same medications (antihistamines and steroids) as GPs. Mine has told me that when allergies get so bad that medication no longer works (or for those who don't want to take medication) they recommend allergy shots. I'm at the point where I will seriously consider allergy shots as soon as my schedule allows (and assuming they are covered by health benefits).

Thanks for the responses! I probably should have added that I'm 14 weeks pregnant as well and have no history of seasonal allergies. My PCP didn't want me on zyrtek because she said it would make me more tired and I guess she could tell that I haven't been getting much sleep :)

My endo did call back and said that I should not have a problem with the nasal steroids. So I gave it a whirl tonight and we'll see how it goes.

Spock - the local chart is CRAZY! I'm 50 minutes north of DC and while the dogwood and crabapple are gorgeous in my front yard, I suspect they (and all their other beautifully budding friends) are the reason for my respiratory distress. I was hoping the rain today would take care of it all, but no dice.