Winter versus summer basal settings

For the last week I have had consistent higher bgs readings, and have been through many site changes, but I am thinking that perhaps now that winter is here, I need to bump up my basals.

Does anyone else have different basal settings, because of change of seasons?

ya Karen, I always forget but my BG numbers remind me.

I have to change my rates, in the summer and winter, but only the ~10AM to ~6 PM rates change. I have 5 rates. I only change the daytime rates and my late evening, overnights, early morning tend to stay the same… sigh … for the time being.

ain’t that the truth about bgs reminding us. :wink:

I upped my afternoon basal today we shall see, I hesitated to change my basal for the afternoon as I was suffering from such lows at 4-5pm. My previous basal was .05 (imagine that) from 12:30-5, I upped the 12:30 to .7 and then 1:30-5 to .05.

150 right now, hoping it does not go higher (like last few days). It is such a guessing game at times.

I amthinking I may need to do that as well, going to wait till I see the endo Dec 10th and see what he thinks…but leaning that direction

Karen and Denise - it really shouldn’t be about guessing. Testing basal rates isn’t hat hard to do youself, it just involves fasting. You start out with a good finger stick test - before a meal and at least 2-3 hours after your last bolus. Then you SKIP the meal and continue to check your blood sugar every hour and record, until your next meal time. If your bg stays +/- about 30 mg/dl then your basal is fine.

my adjustment, btw, is only about +/-0.2 units per hour! so make small changes, especially if you don’t have a big basal rate to begin with! here’s a chart!

excerpt from "Pumping Insulin" 4th edition by John Walsh and Ruth Roberts