Withdrawng insulin from the pod

I’ve read that a lot of people do this if insulins been in there 2 days or less…Well, I’ve had like 4 pods screw up during priming the last 3 times I’ve changed. When I pulled back on the syringe, it was all bubbly, kind of frothy looking, so I put it back in the vial, and it made the whole bottle look like that. When I loaded my next pod, it looked ok, but not totally normal. My last 2 bs checks were 278 and 322. I’m gonna check again when I’m done. Any tips? I hate wasting all that insulin!

I change mine every 2-3 days and run them dry. When i change it before then i try to withdraw any insulin that i can and then put it in the fridge. Bolus with a shot from the bottle and see what effect that has then decide if you want to continue with that insulin or not. Also keep an empty insulin bottle around and put the isulin taken from the pod in that instead of mixing it with the vial containing all new insulin.

Antonia, did you have any problems extracting the insulin from the pod? I just recently had a pod screw up on me during priming and when I tried to extract the insulin I couldn’t pull back on the syringe. It felt as if there was a lot of pressure within the pod. Did you experience anything like that?

No. it took a while for it to come out, but there was no pressure

This happened to me once, it seemed like I couldn’t get it to pull out with the needle cap still on the pod but once I got the cap off it was fine. I think maybe there’s a vacuum created with the needle cap on? I’m not sure but it has happened to me too!

I have had Three pods mess up before priming No Beeps and pulled the insulin back out and put it in another pod. No bubbles.