Wondering what causes this

Does anyone else get this? Where they correct and correct and correct and don’t budge and then all of a sudden crash hours later? Both my endo and diabetes nurse have noted that I have days where I’m just high all day no matter what I do (usually quite a bit higher than I am below, though), and that my A1c would probably be better if I didn’t have this happen, as on “normal” days my blood sugars are great.

Below is an example where my blood sugars are great all day and then from 10:00 PM to 4:30 AM I have blood sugars that just would not budge, but not high enough to indicate my site was bad or anything. (The cat meowing and waking me up all night provided me with this opportunity to test and correct.) Is this insulin resistance? Or something I ate (I had whole wheat pasta for dinner, but only a small amount)? Or is the insulin storing up only to all release and make me low later?

I realize I probably shouldn’t have corrected the 7.7 as I was a bit low the previous morning as well, but usually I go up between 4:00 AM and when I actually wake up, so I was trying to prevent that from happening.

6:55 - 3.8 (68) - Breakfast

9:59 - 6.5 (117)

12:00 - 7.7 (139) - Lunch

2:30 - Snack

5:02 - 5.4 (97)

6:21 - 4.4 (79) - Dinner

7:48 - 10.8 (194) - Correction

10:20 - 8.4 (151) - Correction

1:15 - 8.2 (148) - Correction

4:20 - 7.7 (139) - Correction

8:19 - 3.1 (56) - Skittles