Good morning everyone !!! Just wanted to share my good news with all my fellow Diabetics, well got out of hospital yesterday after meeting my new best friend, my Medtronics Minimed Veo.

270373_1902153191414_1169229537_1814166_5765856_n.jpgAfter many serious doubts Im glad to report that so far I LOVE IT !!! woke up with a 6.2 reading this morning which Im wrapped about !

HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY EVERYONE, glad to be in the pumping world !

Im sooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you!!! I’m very very jealous…I want one now…My pump expires 11/23/2013…Good luck you will love pumping…lol

That is great about your a1c…mine has been 5.7 but I have been having a lot of low’s.I am so glad that you are happy about the pump…I love mine…have a good evening