Okay… well. I know I haven’t done much on here in a while. BUT… I decided I would come on here and just share an update. I’ve been on the omnipod for just over a month now. and… for those of you wondering…

I LOVE IT!!! and, it’s the most amazing thing ever created! please do yourself a favor and get one!!!

Also, another thing: I just got back from the doctor’s (about 10 minutes ago, actually)… and I have my new a1c. My first, when diagnosed in August, was 15.9. Two months later, it was 7.2. That really suprised my doctor… and she was very happy with me. Well… I went in this morning… and 5 months after my diagnosis… my a1c is 5.6!!! I couldn’t be happier!! I’m pretty sure my goal was 6… so I’m more than thrilled! Also, my doctor told me that her a1c is 5.6 She’s not even diabetic! So it’s amazing… that in 5 months, my a1c is accurate with that of someone with a working pancreas!!!

So, thank you… all of you, who have supported me and been considered on how I’m doing. Right now… I couldn’t be better!

And… one last reminder: don’t be scared about getting a pump! It makes everything WAY easier, healthier, and gives you more freedom. Oh… and the omnipod is like… the most inexpensive pump out there! So, maybe it’s time for you to look into changing your diabetes treatment!!! hmmm… think about it!

Fantastic! I love to hear good news.

That is GREAT news!!!

Read your blog and That is so amazing that ur A1C dropped like that. I wish you lots of luck and I think ur attitude and acceptance will take you along way. We can’t blame God for everything. I recently had an experience with a friend that taught me Faith can take you a long way. Keep up the good work.