Word In Your Hand project for World Diabetes Day, Nov. 14

Leading up to World Diabetes Day (Nov. 14), we are preparing a project called “Word In Your Hand” . It’s VERY EASY to participate.

  1. Write a word in your hand describing how you feel about diabetes.
  2. Take a photo, showing the hand with the word.
  3. Add it to the Photos here in TuDiabetes.
  4. Enter the tag “word” to the photo.

    Optional (for people with Flickr accounts):
  5. If you have a Flickr account, join the TuDiabetes.com group there (http://www.flickr.com/groups/tudiabetes/) and add the photo to the TuDiabetes.com Pool (read instructions on how to do it, here).

  6. Last, post a reply in this topic when you are done adding the photo either to TuDiabetes Photos or to Flickr.

    It doesn’t matter where you take the picture. It can be in your kitchen, office, garden, who cares? Just tell the world how you feel and help spread awareness about Diabetes.

    The goal is to collect as many photos as possible. They will become a part of a video we will produce to be pushed through as many possible media outlets leading up to World Diabetes Day.


    Please contact me (manny at tudiabetes dot org) to let me know if you want to contribute a song to go with the video.

    If you can help spread the word about the project, feel free to reuse the banner Andreina created for it:


As many as you want! :slight_smile:

I think this is a really powerful project; I love seeing everyone’s submissions. I’d love to see more :slight_smile:

I’ve simplified the instructions a little bit and made it optional to post on Flickr, so that it’s a little more straightforward.

So let’s keep those photos coming. Here are a few among the many extraordinary ones that have been posted so far:


Hey, everyone: don’t forget to add your photos.

OK, it seems when we do contests things get more exciting around here. :slight_smile:

So here’s our newest one, to help the Word in Your Hand project.

Starting today, every week we will select a winner of the BEST PHOTO OF THE WEEK. The winner every week will be announced on Sunday afternoon:
-Oct. 7
-Oct. 14
-Oct. 21
-Oct. 28
-Nov. 4

The winning photo will be featured in the Community News box at the top of the home for the entire week AND will also get a diabetes book (to be announced later).

The photographic quality of the image will not be only criteria used. The emotion conveyed by the image, the originality and how you also capture the essence of the word in your photo may all be considered.

So, there you go:
Let’s see everyone post the WORD IN YOUR HAND! :slight_smile:

When you are done posting your photo, please reply here.

Here's mine.

Here's the other one. BTW, this is taken from my apartment, looking down at the street below (Roosevelt Road, Sec. 4, Taipei, Taiwan)

My "word in the hand is “oxymoronic” !
8862-143_4334.JPG (749 KB)

second word :

Lov3 this one…

Oh that is nice!

Amen! :frowning:

Wonderful Idea!
This is my word.
8860-invisible.gif (410 KB)

Great idea. Can’t wait to see the eventual video! :slight_smile:

Lots and lots of planning
8858-planning.jpg (114 KB)

I just put this one up today.

I just added 2 hands.