Describe in one word how you feel about being touched by diabetes

Tu Diabetes

As I sit here at home and continue to read your amazing stories I asked myself, how could we bring more awareness? how can let the world know?

Inspired by a beautiful campaign by my friend Martin Giraldo called "be part of the garden," and our great logo. I thought of a similar initiative.

What if you could just take a picture of yourself showing your hands with a one-word description of how you feel about being touched by diabetes?

For instance, when I read your stories, I feel encouraged. I feel that anything is possible because of you.

So there it is, I took a picture of myself showing my hands with the word "Courage"

Do you want to be part of this? This is how.

I love the idea, Luis!!!

I am going to link to your post from this discussion I started a few weeks ago:, since discussion topics stay alive on the home page as long as someone is adding a post to them, whereas blog posts (like this one) end up getting pushed out of the home page.

Thank you leader! I love your photo. We already have 7 members in about 6 hours!

One Word Would Be , Discouraging

Ni bien me saque la foto la subo…

I love this idea. Looking through the photos on flickr, I think they are very powerful.

I’ll get something up soon!

Help! I finally got the picture to Flickr; but I dont know how to get it to the group.
Where do I click to move it?

Luis, I have not used Flickr before, but please tell me what I’m doing wrong. I marked my 2 pics as “public”, but when I tried to pull them up at work today to show someone, I could not. They were asking for my password, which, of course, I immediately forgot (but have written down at home.) I must have left out one last step.

A funtabulous project…is it still happening?

Luis - i sent this message to Manny—and until i read further into the Word in Your Hand project - i thought it was all Manny - well i just learned that it was you dude—so this was really directed to you—

I was just flipping thru my new edition of Real Simple magazine and came across a 3 page spread on the Word in Hand Campaign. Who would have thought all of this could have possibly come so far? $5 for every hand that comes thru—Way to go Brother. Thanks for your passion, support and windfall of ideas. The world is a better place with you in it.


I love how far this has come…I’ve added a few more to the mix…