Work/life balance

I think my perspective on diabetes is a bit unique. I work for the ADA putting together walk events in NJ. (cheap plug, the dates are as follows):

October 7 - Franklin Lakes

October 14 - Princeton

October 21 - Morristown

October 28 - Bridgewater

The balance part comes in where a lot of my family and a few of my friends have lived/are living with diabetes. They've been mostly Type 2, but there are also some 1's out there. I grew up watching the complications as they worked, including an amputation that I didn't quite understand at the time. I don't want to have to worry about that myself. This means that I'm working for my life. If I don't pay attention to my own health, I'll more than likely end up a type 2 soon. If I don't pay attention to my work, if I ever get diagnosed there won't be as many advances to help me. No pressure though.

If anyone wants more info on the ADA events in NJ, let me know. If anyone wants to comment on how they fight diabetes, feel free.