Work out (gym)

hi ,

i have seen many people with diabetes going and working out at gym to build their body .and one of my friend who is type1 is also working out at gym to build his body . is this advicable for type 1 diabetic people ?.. will he be able to build his body … ? if yes, will he able to withstand with the same build body through out ?


People with Type 1 can withstand any workout they are conditioned to do. We need to monitor our blood sugar levels as exercise can lower or raise it depending on the type, intensity, duration and personal response.

He can certainly engage in body building. One of the leading writers on diabetes care, Dr. Richard Bernstein, is an advocate of weightlifting and is a weightlifter himself. He explains how to do it in his book.


From my experiences weight lifting it’s really important to test. One thing to watch out for is hypogylcemia (low blood sugar) which will affect the training session. The effect the exercise can vary by person and what else you are doing, so testing is important. Having good control allows your friend to get peak performance.