Working on finding new endocrinologist & autoantibodies testing

Hi all -

I received my infusion today and talked with my rheumy about the auto-antibodies tests. He said he couldn't run the tests but did suggest another endo for me to see. My rheumy feels I need someone who is more comfortable handle complex cases (multi-autoimmune diagnoses) and willing to research what is needed to get me back on track.

He also pointed out either way secondary diabetes or LADA leads me to the path of insulin and that something needs to be done rather than drag out the process (since May '13 with my GP and August '13 with my current endo).

The doctor he's suggested is not in my neighborhood but about 20 miles out and they share patients due to autoimmune issues. The other option is to head to the medical center about 30 miles into downtown for more clinical assistance. The rheumy prepared me there is a slim chance that is his colleague may refer me into the medical center, highly unlikely.

It's really strange no one (GP or endo) would want to do the auto-antibodies tests. The rheumy says the new endo may do them due to my medical history, but he couldn't say for sure.

It’s always good to get more opinions, especially when your case does not fit the mold clearly of T1 or T2. I’m not sure why your endo wouldn’t do the antibody tests, I suppose they don’t want to do them and have insurance reject the claim sticking you with the bill? I didn’t really have a problem getting them done, although my first endo did not run them.

Lilli D,

Well, that's the question my rheumy asked too...if he (the endo) didn't want to do the tests just say so instead of skirt the issue. The rheumy wants me with someone with more experience in autoimmunity. I checked the suggested doctor on and the only downside is it's hard to get an appointment with him (appox. 2 months). So I may have to see the current endo at least one more time.

Hi Kate,

That is odd your rheumy won't run the tests. But I guess I would ask your other endo and then go to one of the other two your rheumy has suggested. Just make the appointment and then you always have it if your other doc won't do them for some reason. I hope you get this all figured out soon!

Around here 2-3 months is the norm for a new doctor appt, especially with a specialist. If I were in your shoes I’d make the appt, you can always cancel if you find someone else before then.

I’m thinking Meee that a rheumy can’t order the antibody tests because insurance or Medicare wouldn’t cover them since it’s not pertaining to their disease area of practice?

That could be it... I heard they run tons and tons of tests though for various autoimmune conditions to rule other problems out. I have never seen a rheumy in spite of family history of ra and joint problems/symptoms.