Worrying about my blood sugar level

Hey guys,

Hi, I am new to this forum and to be honest with all of you, I have some serious cause of worry that has brought me here and so I'm hoping to get some answers over here about the current situation that I'm in.

I have been living with Diabetes for quite a while now and have been actively taking care of it with sometimes having a couple of bumps here n there. However, now I am studying in Canada and have been having some problems regarding my blood sugar levels and so have a few questions being from very generic to very serious questions:

1. Would rice krispies as a daily breakfast cereal be a good option for me?

2. I take my injections (Humapen - Huminsulin 30/70) twice every day before my meals. So I just wanted to know as to how much sugar does one unit i.e. 1 drop of insulting, from my humapen, burn?

3. Yesterday I forgot to take my medicine before my meal and had a pretty unhealthy meal and after 2 hours i realized that i had forgotten to take the dose. So when I checked my blood sugar (on an AccuChek Go) it showed me 306mg/dl. So I just took 10 units of the insulin to reduce it a "little bit" for the time being till I had my dinner, which is when I would again take my normal dosage of insulin. But later before dinner, i again checked my blood sugar level and was surprised to see my sugar level to be only 35mg/dl. And this was without any exertion of any physical work out. So in short what I could not understand was that how could only 10 units of insulin bring down my sugar level by 270mg/dl (i.e. from 306 to 35mg/dl).
Could somebody please guide me here !!!

4. lately it has happened to me twice, that I've woken up with the paramedics around me giving me glucose drips n all. And they told me that my blood sugar level dropped to 1.1mmol (i.e. 20mg/dl), which is very very low no doubt and since my friends saw this happen so they happened to call in the paramedics and they reached on time. However, my question here is that earlier whenever my sugar level reached below 80mg/dl, I could feel the sugar level dropping and I would take something sweet, even when I would be sleeping I would wake up and go get something to eat. However, now I don't feel it anymore and so when my sugar level drops at night I still don't feel it and as a result find the paramedics around me in the morning. What can I do to ensure that my sugar stays fine at night - TELL SOME SPECIFIC FOOD STUFF THAT I CAN HAVE THAT COULD KEEP MY SUGAR LEVEL AT A NORMAL LEVEL DURING NIGHT TIMES.

Guys I have tonnes of things to ask and I don't know but I've never felt this scared before.... Guide me out here.

Looking forward to hearing back from y'all.


Welcome to TuDiabetes, Adi! I can not believe that today in the year 2012 people are still using mixed insulins. You should find an endo or diabetologist and then you should switch to basal/bolus ASAP. I could explain in detail but it is not really necessary: huminsulin 30/70 will not work for a young man with different physical activities throughout the day. The high amount of basal insulin will force you to eat because it will drag you down all the time. It is a mess and your experience is exactly the outcome.

With basal/bolus you will have one insulin - the bolus insulin for the carbs you are about to eat. The other insulin called the basal insulin will cover the carbs produced by your liver. In a perfect world you can inject the basal insulin and then you can have a full day without eating and being normally active. This means you can eat at times you like and these times are not dictated by the insulin. Of course it helps to have some structure in the day but in general the basal/bolus regime will give you much more freedom.

I would recommend to use Novolog (called Novorapid in Germany) for bolus. For the basal insulin I would recommend Levemir. The Levemir will be injected twice a day (every 12 hours) and the Novolog will be injected for the meals. I would also recommend a book like "Think like a pancreas" to have more knowledge about the basics.

Hey thanks a lot Holger :)

But I still didn't get your point.... sorry for that :( But I have been using this hum insulin 30/70 for the past 9 years now... and this problem has just started like over the last one month.... could you explain more please ... thank you

There are 2 different insulin needs: basal, for normal "operation" and bolus, to cover food. Most therapies these days involved setting a basal dose to cover that and figuring out a carb/ insulin ratio and taking specific doses to match one's food. The 70/30 could work if your doses were *precisely* matched to it but it may be much easier to use the separate insulins for more precise dosing. I got a pump a few years ago, having always said "I'm fine, I don't need any fancy, new insulin" and it's made things *much* easier to control and I have only good things to say about it. A lot of people here are taking shots but use Novolog/ Humalog for meal doses and Lantus/ Levemire for basal.

I also was on mixed insulin years ago for best control a basal and bolus insulin are needed at least that is what I found.

I use mixed insulin and it's a pain in the ■■■ to say the least. We use different insulin but from what you're describing, you've had the same reactions I have had. Now, I'm still learning/new to this site as well and I'm no expert but here's my experience that may be able to help you: Look on the box where you get your insulin or the instructions. Apparently you have to wait 15 minutes after injection to eat. When I started doing that, I noticed a good, significant change in my readings. As well as that, if you're going to take insulin, don't ever wait. 15 minutes, yes. 2 hours, a thousand times, no. That has happened to me one too many times and I've finally learned my lesson.

As for your morning trites, check your sugar before you go to bed, always. Also, when you have another low(because let's face it, we're not perfect) analyze how you feel. How do your eyes feel? Your head? Reactions to what a roommate says? You may feel totally normal and shocked to find yourself low but trust me, studying how you feel will help you greatly. I have similar symptoms whenever my sugar is high or low but there are very small differences. I have a headache both times but for a high, it's almost like a migraine headache. I'm cranky as Hell but when I'm low, I'm ruthless with my choice of words.

Eat proteins before you go to bed and when you exercise. Peanut butter is a great friend. I wish I can answer the rest of your questions but really, it's all about trial and error regarding your insulin. Everyone's body is so different so even the things I said above may not apply to you. In any case, good luck to you!

https://forum.tudiabetes.org/topics/some-facts-about-hypo-unaware-from-a-real-hypo-unaware-long-time first check out this link. it's about hypo unawareness. there has been great comments posted for you. i am a wife of a type1
for over thirty years now. two types of insulin is a dinosaur and need to be updated asap. getting control now is top priority for you. go to an endo at least every three wks. the complications of this chronic disease cannot be reversed unfortunately i have found out first hand. living w/someone who is suffering is sickening. so yeah top priority. educate yourself now. make the changes so you can live life. keep a journal it will help guide you while you learn how your body reacts to insulin and the new changes you make to your diet. i read that during the night BG goes high. you will see that mornings when you check and log your BG. diabetes association has a great amount of information for diabetics. just google and read. good luck

i'm sorry americandiabetesassociation.org is the site i was referring to