first of all thanks go out to the community for the warm welcome.thank you to all who are reading and especially for those who are commenting…i came to TuD to write a blog and vent while i’m doing it,everyone else is already sick of hearing about it and i need to do it! i didnt expect to find such a warm community and already an offer to let me vent.i think this is going to be a good experience.

i’m amazed at how un-informed the population is about diabetes in general…i’m disgusted that i was the same way just 6 short months dad is a type 2/pre-diabetic or whatever his doctor decides for that grandma also T2 died several years ago after suffering just about all the comps…blind,amputation,dialasis…she was my moms mom! i had the betes coming from both sides and i still didnt know ■■■■. i dont think it would be such a big deal if diabetics weren’t such a large demographic…then you have the 5-10% that are type 1…when i say “no,i’m type 1” people look at me like i’m stupid,like i dont know what i have!! one lady actually told me “you know just because you take insulin,that doesnt mean your type 1.” another person in the health care professions wanted to quiz me…"what makes you a type 1?’ she asks "because my Pancreas is broken?"

i take lantus and novolog i use syringes…i look forward to having Ins. that will pay for the pens but i’m not sure i’m sold on the pump. i like my base, like randy commented about just running on his base. i did the same thing until i started seeing my Endo.he lowered my base dose so i would start to get used to using the rapid. i am curious about the pumps.

i eat a 75g carb per meal and 2200 cal daily diet: whole and plant based mostly…i think it works well for me…i get a lot of exercise too…i do get a fair share of low’s,balancing the insulin with exercising and when to eat a few extra carbs has been tricky…i also get the overnight low’s,waking up drenched in sweat and shaking…serious ■■■■!!!

my multi-vitamin claims to have 25mg ALA,that doesnt seem like much? i take a lot of Gabapentin for the neuropathy, about 1500-1800 mg daily with about the same dose of Ibuprofin will bring the PN down to a dull roar. the PN drives me fuckin nuts! it’s always there and the feeling is always changing…it will burn then stab then itch all over all at the same time…it’s insane!! it’s like it has a mind of it’s own…the PN isnt so bad when the BG is under 150…i’m tired,might actually sleep:)

Nice venting. I understand the frustration with the type 1 vs. type 2. I experience the same thing. I have some slightly over weight family members, who do not have diabetes. People will remark to me, “I hope Auntie Tina doesn’t get diabetes cause, you know… it is in the family.” Ugh! it makes me mad. I am in good physical health, and I am not as over weight as “Auntie Tina” but, I get these remarks. Also, I am type 1…pretty different from type 2. oh well, now you’ve allowed me to vent a little too!

Does PN stand for Peripheral Neuropathy? Not that I doubt it but it would be unusual - you just have been diagnosed and PN needs time to develop. Why so early?

Hey TJD (like the handle btw). I get really frustrated with people’s lack of D knowledge as well. Then I remember what I didn’t know until I was diagnosed. The real problem I have is with people in the medical field and media who don’t seem to have a clue.

Just to clear things up a bit, only occasionally can I get by with my basal only. I also use Lantus Most days I use 3 to 6 units of Apidra. I try to eat in such a way that I do not need any insulin after 4 or 5 pm. Have some small snack before bed and have yet to suffer a night time low. Originally I was eating about what you are, but found I was eating more carbs than I normally would and was eating carbs so I could take insulin. Way to much screwing around. That’s when I went low carb. Much easier to control and much more even numbers.Not to say I never splurge, but I can pick the goodies I want and bolus as needed.

As for the ALA, make sure you get RALA. If it does not say R it is not the same. From the research I did most take 800 to 1200 mg per day. I take 600 in the morning and 600 in the evening. Both my Dr. and Retinologist approve of this. ALA also can help to stabilize bg.

Well, better get to work. Gotta run a few thousand CD’s before I get more injections in my eyes. Not real fun, but very helpful.

Does PN stand for Peripheral Neuropathy? Not that I doubt it but it would be unusual - you just have been diagnosed and PN needs time to develop. Why so early?

yes PN does stand for peripheral neuropathy. i dont know what to tell you as to why i have PN now…i am curious if you have heard of this happening,i see you have had your Dx since 1987.this cant be the first time you’ve heard of this…i’m obviously not the only one…thanks for reading!

Of course I have heard of PN but I wanted to make sure I understood it the way you meant it. After diagnosis with DKA the metabolism is struggling to restore normal conditions in the blood. This can go on for some months - along with the improvements in A1c. It is possible that the neuropathy you are experiencing is just a side effect of this normalization. Despite your strong relation to pharm-tech I want to question if some other supplement you are taking might be responsible. Since the early days in vitamin supplementation doctors have seen severe side effects of improper vitamin supplementation in patients. Not improper according to the standards but improper according to the individual. I for example have a negative reaction on vitamin D supplementation (1000IU of D3 per day) although I very much expect to be on the low side of D production. Still these effects - they are very similar to nerve reactions - convinced me to stop the D supplementation for now.